Tons Of Theme Park Concept Art (For Sale Even!)

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Saw this over at Jim Hill's site and figured it'd definitely be of interest to the gang over here.

Landmark Entertainkment Group is selling off tons of concept artwork - much of it theme park concept stuff.

I've been nosing through for a little bit now - I've seen the names Hershey, Six Flags and Universal attached to some of the artwork. Very interesting stuff and fun to look at - although I have to admit to being partial to Heavy Metal Island :)

You can buy the scale model for the proposed Mark Twain's Calaveras County Park for under $15,000.

At any rate, I thought you guys might enjoy.

That is some very cool stuff. I agree with you on the Metal Island being cool. Sort of an EXTREAMLY early comcept for HRP? :)

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yup - real nice, Gonch. Concept art is one of my favorite things. When I go to IAAPA I tend to lurk around at the design companies and groove on all the art they have on display. It's funny, but I have to continuously remind myself that it's just concept, or examples of things they can do - things that never were and probably will never be.

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Sure do like the look of Navy Pier in Chicago with the wooden coaster on it.


That Mark Twain model looks awesome...

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Shoot! I was hoping to see concept art for Jonas Brother World!

Interesting stuff. Wish I had some extra cash.

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