Tonight's Midnight Sermon: X-Flight

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Thursday, May 17, 2001 8:36 PM
This is a cross-posting from Thrillride's messageboard, sorry if you're now reading this for the second time (or will be leater).


Brothers and sisters, I have seen the X-Flight and have marveled at its neon-green beauty.

Brothers and sisters, I have watched the X-Flight as it it took its test laps, streaking and through the sky.

Brothers and sisters, I have heard the screams of the special people who got to ride it first.

And brothers and sisters, I have ridden the X-Flight. And to quote the good book: "... it was good."

For brothers and sisters, there is nothing, I say NOTHING like diving straight down inside its loop. And there is nothing like the barrel rolls. And the belly-chopper helix is out of this world!

Yes, four times I rode it, and I can tell you this: If you're anywhere within 600 miles, you should already be booking reservations to ride this puppy!


But seriously folks, I had a fun time at the X-Flight commercial shoot today. There was a lot of waiting while they worked on getting it operational, but we spent our waiting time talking and strolling through the empty park. When you're around fellow enthusiasts, time flies.

I had to leave early (I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before and it was starting to wear on me) or I would've probably gotten quite a few more rides in. All the same, the four I had were excellent. The G-Forces in the loop are simply incredible. And I found the 4th car to give the most intense ride.

My only complaint about the ride is that you're looking up at the sun on the lift hill.. quite an annoyance. Soon forgotten once the car flips over, however.

Also, that helix at the end has an awesome "belly chopper" effect, quite cool.

A few random notes on the commercial shoo itself:
I wish my girlfriend could have come, anyone accompianing a female got priority.

The lunch they gave us was from some organic foods catering company that was excellent!

Their shameless demographics searching was interesting, but of course understandable since it was a commercial shoot and all.


So yeah, I had a really fun time and recommend anyone who's able to go take an X-Flight.

Joe McNally

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