Tomb Raider theming

Friday, April 5, 2002 9:32 AM

First of all, I want to thank PKI for let all of people who waited in line to enter the cave entrance, enter the cave, enter the antechamber and the final chamber which had a giant statue on the right and there was a film just in front of the statue and that was it.

I waited in line just to ride TR for about five hours and I was FREAKIN' COLD, frozen to death for about 5 hours and I didn't get to ride TR but I got to ride Sonny and the Eiffel Tower, just before the park closed I went to Rivertown to check out TR to see if TR was gonna open or not and I guess it didn't so I went to the International Street and then left Kings Island BUT I left PKI with a happy face.

OK, about TR theming, I just wanted to say that I was extremely impressed with the theming, it was awesome even though I didn't get to ride it. It was not too bad but I was frozen to death for about five hours while I waited in line to ride TR, at least I did not die LOL!

I finally met Shaggy (John K.) while I waited in line for TR and then I went over to talk to him and we talked quite a bit (I am deaf so we had to write notes) and I thought Shaggy was very nice and funny guy and then I got to met Jeff S., that was cool. Thanks Shaggy for talking to me I really appreciate it!

Derek (who is sorry for not post this on trip report)

Derek McBride
PKI Dude


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