Tomb Raider the Ride at KI, no music now?

Well after going on Tomb Raider the Ride this past Tuesday at Kings Island I noticed that the on ride soundtrack was completely off. Even though I am a season pass holder this was my first ride of the season on Tomb Raider, so am not sure if this was occuring all year or just recently.

Either way, although I am not great at remembering or caring a great deal about all little details of theming, this one did seem to have a big affect on the ride experience. It was very odd to have no music playing to go along with the rides motions and scenes. Its almost like your body is trained by the music on what is going to happen next on that ride, and without it gives a confusing and less interesting ride.

Now of course the question is whether this was a 1 day occurance or short term in nature. The ride does have 3 PLC's with one PLC deticated to controlling the music and sound affects for the ride. Its very possible that considering that they were having problems with the sound system and it was not working that day and something that will be fixed in the short term. Or perhaps this was occuring all year , yet why has there not even been a mention it of this in any trip reports or anything like that? Or Tomb Raider from now on could be operating without any music, perhaps due to taking out the theming on the paramount themed rides? It would help if someone has been on the ride this year or recently and could comment on whether the onboard soundtrack is playing or not *** Edited 6/24/2007 12:33:53 AM UTC by Beast Fan*** *** Edited 6/24/2007 12:35:06 AM UTC by Beast Fan***

I know it (TRTR) was closed all day last Thursday (Jun 14th) so they may be having more problems than just the sound being off.

My bad -- looked at the calendar wrong -- the day before CoasterMania *** Edited 6/24/2007 2:52:31 AM UTC by Swoosh***

TR:TR was not closed all day on Thursday, I rode it around 8:30 on Thursday. And yes they were no music. This has been going on for about week now, my first ride back on it this season had full sound playing. So I'm not sure what is going on.
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I rode it on Wednesday, there was NO music -- and then the ride just started to swing back and forth. A ride op came on the PA system and told us someone was on their way and we would be off the ride as soon as possible.

Later, I rode it again -- and just was not impressed. There was no music, and the special effects seemed... well, lame. *** Edited 6/24/2007 1:36:11 AM UTC by slithernoggin***

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Yea, thinking back, there was no music. The ride was operating correctly, but yea, there was no music. I was never a big fan of Top Spin rides, but it was hot, so I rode it.

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I went to KI on 6-12 and the soundtrack for the ride was off as well. I went to the ride attendant at the front of the queue and mentioned it and she said that they were having sound problems so it was either run without the sound or close the ride altogether.

It just doesn't seem the same without the soundtrack.

Wonder if they'll eventually tear down the building and run the ride out in the open....

....since we all know how Cedar Fair feels about dark rides.

I must admit it would be intresting to see a Giant Top-Spin outside.

Is this still the only one of these models out there? No pics of it inside with the lights on or anything? I'd really like to see the ride itself.

TR:TR was not closed all day on Thursday.

My bad, I corrected my post above, I meant the 14th it was closed all day long (day before CoasterMania).

When my friend and I were there on June 13th, NOTHING worked! No audio, no effects, nothing! Well, the show lights dimmed and that's about it. When I first rode TRTR back in 2003, the ride was totally lame even with the effects. Now the ride is the biggest waste of space at the entire park.
I got no doubt this ride will be short lived.

Im thinking Flyers in a box with a mirror ball :)

Chuck, who says the ride or the effects have been a problem since day one.

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I rode it a couple weeks back, but I do not know whether the music was on or not.

I personally cannot stand the ride. It's not fun. The theming is interesting and somewhat extensive, but the ride experience itself is just uncomfortable. In my opinion, there were other options besides hanging you upside down for many seconds. Whoever thought that would be a comfortable experience is crazy. But it was a nice try by Paramount.

Charles Nungester said:
I got no doubt this ride will be short lived.

Im thinking Flyers in a box with a mirror ball

Chuck, who says the ride or the effects have been a problem since day one.

Short lived as a Tomb Raider themed ride or the ride itself? I don't think they would remove the ride altogether. Either a re-theming of it or just have it operate as a normal Huss Giant Top Spin.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

Actually I heard they were trying to unload the Giant Topspin in favor of a normal one. there have been balance issues, weight issues and restraint issues with the ride itself since day one.


"I got no doubt this ride will be short lived."

Built in 2002. I don't think operating 5 seasons thus far classifies it as "short lived."

I rode last Tues. The ride is a joke now. Don't waste your time in line.



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Never before have I truly wanted to say... TAER IT DOWN!!!

I go to Kings Island about once a week. I haven't ridden TR:TR since late last season. Need I say more?

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What a bummer. While skeptical when we first heard it would be a giant Top Spin, I really liked the ride when it was operating with its effects and such.

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Paramount never really did a good job of keeping theming/effects in proper working order....guess it's not realistic to expect CF to pick up the slack in THAT area...LOL!

Bummer, because a ride like this really is an *experience* when all of the storyline, theming, and special effects come into play. Otherwise, it's a troublesome ride (partially due to it being enclosed and making it harder to work on), puts an unattractive building in the park, is no longer a draw of any kind, and doesn't require the *excess* capacity it did need in its first season (prob. not needed after then).

Such a waste of the highly-marketable Angelina Jolie... ;)

During Coaster Con we were informed that a computer chip malfunctioned and they are waiting on a replacement. In the meantime, they were operating the ride without the audio track.
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I rode this for the first time this past Friday the 22nd. The pre-show was running fine, and I liked the themeing and all. The ride however seemed rather short, and there was no sound or music. I wasn't sure if there was supposed to be a soundtrack or anything (never really read much about this ride ahead of time), but the ride seemed rather lacking without it.

Can't say I'd be in any hurry to ride it again - I've never been a fan of the Top Spins in the first place.

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Meh, I can probably recite the music and audio on my own, I've ridden that ride so many times.

I'm in the same group of those who are irked at how the theming of the ride hasn't been kept up. The first season it was open that ride gave me chills at the end of each ride.

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