Tokyo DisneySea Fantasmic!

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It looks marginally better than the Florida version, but that's a pretty low bar to hit.

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I personally think it is far better (at least the opening), than the Studios version. Plus, that hat is just so cool! Give me that over the lame puppet-on-a-stick dragon and rock facade any day.

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Jeff said:
It looks marginally better than the Florida version, but that's a pretty low bar to hit.

It's no Snoopy's Summer Spectacular.... that's for sure... the technology is amazing. Steve Davison is a genius for sure.

Maybe someday it will rise above Universal 360.

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I don't really know what any of that means, but what I was getting at is that Fantasmic at DHS sucks.

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That made me chuckle.


The hat is amazing, the floating spheres are cool, the Dragon seems a bit disappointing. I think the big challenge here would be the massiveness of that area in DisneySea compared to the intimacy of the Rivers of America at DLand... I think that intimacy and immersiveness is precisely why DL's Fantasmic is so successful. WDW's by comparison always feels like you're watching a stage show from much too far away. This seems to have recaptured the immersiveness but still misses the intimacy. It seems from where that video was shot, mickey is so far away as to be hardly visible. That all being said, the ending still gives me goosebumps and I want to go see this show very badly.

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I thought the dragon with the fountains as wings was rather innovative... the mirror was great.

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Jeff, didn't you comment in one of your podcasts that you don't like those types of shows in general?

Granted, I've never felt compelled to see the DL version. I still have yet to see World of Color, and I want to, but it isn't a priority.

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No, I think that fireworks and light shows can be great. I think the fact that Illuminations has endured the way it has with relatively little change is testament to that. The projection thing on the castle at Magic Kingdom is compelling enough to make me want to return to see it. World of Color is something I can't see soon enough.

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I admit that I'm a sucker for DHS' Fantasmic, but I'm an easy mark for Disney's emotional manipulations. That said, DL's version is way better.

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