TODAY ONLY: 20% Off Six Flags Season Passes

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Sheesh. That makes a SFKK pass $35.99. Hell, if I only made it down there once, it'd be worth it.

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I'm not a Kentucky Kingdom fan, but wanted a Six Flags pass last year. I got mine there and activated it on the way home from Holiwood Nights and Rumblefest. I went in the park, activated my pass, rode a couple rides and that was it. Now I can just renew. I haven't finalized the process yet, so I don't know if I'll still have to process or if they'll just mail me the activated pass. <crossing fingers for mailed pass>

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Well, it's the closest SF park to me, so it all works out quite nicely. :)

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Six Flags over Georgia.
All the world-class coaster(s) you can ride for the whole summer: $39.99
Car-shaped slab of concrete about a mile away for you to park on: $45.00

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That goes back to the psychology of things again, doesn't it?

If the pass was $84.99 and included free parking for the season people would go nuts over the outstanding value.

SF seems to always go with showing the lowest price possible over showing the highest potential value in their pass pricing. I guess they think most people will respond to the $39.99 number. They may be right.

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I'd probably get it either way they sold it, but this way is a better value for me. I mostly use the pass for event discounts and most of the events I go to give us free parking.

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Apparently the sale started yesterday. It ended at 3pm today. I got in just under the wire. Unfortunately, I didn't see an option for renewal. So now I have a message into customer service to call me to see what they'll do for me. I wasn't planning on going to Kentucky Kingdom next year and I'm not sure it would be worth the few bucks in savings if I have to drive there just to process it.

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Anyone wanna guess if I'm buying one? Come on...guess! ;)

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Moosh, I'm guessing you'll buy two... one for you and one for the guy holding a gun to your head! ;)

Jason, doesn't it make sense that they would make you process it at the park? I guess I'm thinking with the differential pricing at various parks, it makes sense that they would want you to visit the home park at least once a year. Even as a renewal I'm thinking they would want to deter people from just making purchases at the park with the least expensive price.

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Cedar Point emailed me about a one-day pass sale for today, as well.


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ROFL Carrie ;)

I bought mine! Can't wait to ride Terminator, EK and the "new" Superman next year, as well as more El Toro! Still the best coasters in the business imo. :)

I ordered yesterday since I was hoping for this deal again.

Funny for the 2nd year in a row they advertised the price of the pass at full price in September and October at the "lowest price of the season" and then 2 months later it is 20% off.

The online processing fee or shipping charge is a rip off though. $10.00 to ship a pass? Postage is under $1.00 if they used USPS First Class instead of UPS.

The total of a 2 park pass for Great Adventure with parking for me was $127.xx. Last year it was $112.xx (25% off sale).

It is still worth it for me since I went 17 times in 2008 which worked out to $6.59 a visit including parking and if I only go 10 times in 2009 (I hope to go 20+), it is still under $13 a visit with parking.

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Since Six Flags St. Louis offer me the outer market pass for $44.99. I got that back in October when I was wanting to make a late season visit and they were running the "good for the rest of the 2008 season promotion", I felt that was a good deal for me. This deal only gave me and extra dollar off the Season Pass, so I am happy with the deal I got back in October and I already have my pass ready for 2009.

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I heard back from Kentucky Kingdom today. Not only will they be changing my purchace to a renewal, they also said if I plan to go to any parks before I get my card in the mail, they would send me tickets to the other park(s) I plan to go to. In addition, because it's a renewal, they're refunding my $5 processing fee. So, I'm getting my pass for $35.99 out the door.

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If anyone missed this sale last week, they are running it again today.

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If this sale is as "today only" as the last you'll have until Monday.

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