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Wednesday, June 20, 2001 3:54 PM
I didn't get to Lake Compounce as I wanted to last year, but since I was visiting friends in southern NY decided this was the time...only bout 6 more hours drive time.

Was there this past Monday (June 18th) for my first ever visit. Weather was great as was driving past ESPN studios...COOL! They were tearing down from the X games in front of the park's entrance.

This was their first Monday open and I didn't know what to expect crowd wise. No need to worry. Very light crowds and ALL rides were walk ons.
(This is always nice, but at the same time I want smaller parks to do well and thrive!)

Encountered ACERs Jess and Cathy Novak from Detroit so we rode together on many of the rides.

All rides were running, tho Zoomerang opened late and I just rode it once. Got a headache from the backwards part and the kid behind me yelling "I hope this doesn't get stuck like last week!"

Wildcat was great fun, but I was surprised the front didn't have more air on those low profile hills. The back was wonderful tho, constant whipping around. Loved the fan curves and the old PTCs, single bar, 3 bench, NO headrests.

Boulderdash was my main reason to visit and this coaster instantly impressed. I thought CCI did an amazing job at IB fitting in CornBall Express, but BDash was a site to behold. Built on the side of the mountain with a very steep lift the ride is like being pushed down a mountain, thru trees, past boulders. It has a great variety of hills and a wicked turn around.

The back seat was the most out of control ride I've been on. Keeping your arms straight up was a frightening option on the first 1/2 of the ride. The front offered great air in many places, not a violent airtime but some great floating moments.

The coaster was running very fast, smooth, and the PTC's with ind. bars were clamping down on the lap bars. (Kudos to LC for using PTC's AND NOT rigid fiberglass trains!) I instantly fell in love with BDash and got many rides. Only complaint, no rerides and you had to take the LONG exit, LONG entrance to get back on, despite them sending out trains that were 2/3 empty!

Also of note is THE skyride, up the mtn. 700 feet they say, and about a half hour trip. A bit unnerving at first, as you CANNOT see the top of the mtn., I rode first with Jess and Cathy. And since the weather was so nice, did a solo ride later on.

Lake Compounce is a wonderful park: very clean, very friendly, well run ...ranks up there with HolidayWorld.

Smaller parks are just so much more special than the big themers!

Oops! Can't forget the fries. Got mine piping hot and just as great as Potato Patch fries should be!


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