Tivoli's new darkride Minen (The Mine)

Wednesday, April 9, 2003 1:56 AM

rough translation:

The old "Ships Ahoy!" is history. Inside The Rollercoaster-mountain is now a mini-society of hard working creatures called Grots. The Grots are busy doing the days deed, but have to be very careful. Because inside the mountain the dragon is protecting a large gold treasure. If it wakes up it may be fatal. You can experience the little society by sailing a trip in the new boats that sail through The Mine. You can find the entrance in Strædet behind Valhalla.

I am sooooo going next month :o

Wednesday, April 9, 2003 7:02 AM

Hey, alomost like Fraggle Rock! ;)
"It's not a Too-mah!" - Arnold after riding Batman the Ride

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