Tivoli Gardens, Denmark - On the road towards a record season and new shows for 2005 revealed.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 12:26 PM
Even though the weather here has been rather off (the summer didn't really start 'till the end of July) and mostly rainy, Tivoli have managed to set an attendance record. So for 2.6 million people have visited the park, even though this season is 4 days shorter than the last. They estimate that when the season ends in September, they'll have had at least 3.2 million visitors.

- This of number of course, can and will increase at least by a million people when the Christmas Market starts. It's become a sort of Danish tradition to go.

On top of that, season passes are up from 230,000 last year, to 300,000+. This, in part, is because of the huge success of The Demon and their Friday night concerts.

Over 600,000 people have been on The Demon, including prominent figures such as the Royal family, Colin Powell and others.

3/4 of the visitors this year have been Danish, the other quarter consists mainly of Swedes and Norwegians. More and more Swedes are buying season passes as well.


On to the additions!:

The park will premiere a new show marking the 200th birthday of fairytale writer H.C Andersen. The show is designed by Gary Paben, who has previously produced shows for the Super Bowl.

It will be a mix of dancing, puppetry and special effects. H.C Andersen was a great fan of the park, back in the day and wrote his story 'The Nightingale' after a visit to the Chinese area. He was also a good friend of the creator of Tivoli, Georg Carstensen.

Returning for another show is Danish comedian Søren Østergård's variety show.

No actual new rides, but you could hardly expect that. I expect they'll give The Flying Suitcase (Mack darkride based on H.C Andersen's fairytales) a good rehab. A lot of the stuff in there doesn't work anymore.

I'd expect a new ride in '06 or '07. However, I have no idea where they'd place it. I think they showed with The Demon that anything is possible!

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 3:54 PM
The visitor numbers of Tivoli are amazing especially if you consider how small the park actually is. (And might I add, that its quite an expensive pleasure for the one time visitor who came to ride the rides!)

Recently there was much talk about Tivoli building a park in Berlin on the grounds of the closed Spree-Park. Among others the owners of Parc Asterix (Grevin) were very interested in purchasing the park, but Berlin was in favor of Tivoli.
Now that the city has successfully neglected Grevin, Tivoli seems to have changed their mind about expanding. Obviously the fate of Six Flags expansions has taught them a lesson. At the moment it seems that Tivoli will not come to Berlin, which is a shame.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004 4:39 PM
Hummm... a show produced by the same person who has produced Super Bowl shows...sounds like its my kind of show! I wonder who is going to have the wardrobe malfunction in this show.

It sounds like more and more parks are seeing what a well thought out expansion can do for a park. *** Edited 8/17/2004 8:40:52 PM UTC by Mark Burleson***

Wednesday, August 18, 2004 1:39 PM
There's also a Tivoli inspired park in Japan. The rides don't have much in common except the names though.

There was talks of re-adding the Paris-Dhakar kiddie ride thing, they removed to make space for The Demon. If not they can always just use it during the Christmas Market (they always rent some German Christmas themed fair rides, they could make space for it)

Overall Danish tourism is on the rise, because more and more people spend their holidays in Denmark, than in previous years.

Seeing as how we've been getting rollercoasters every year here, for the last couple of seasons, I wonder whether there'll be anything next year at all. Bakken and Tivoli Friheden can't add the major rides they want, because riders would exceed the noise limits. They're working on getting a specific set of rules set for how much noise themeparks can make, like they have with airports and motorways.

However, I do wonder whether Bakken's claims that they won't add a new ride next year is a hoax. They posted an announcement on their website earlier this year, that they would start building in September and announce it in March '05.

The difference between Bakken and Tivoli is that Bakken is located in a preserved area, next to the most expensive neighbourhood in Denmark. Some of them have begun to complain. (Although I don't think this is the general opinion, as I have family that live there, and they're VERY supportive of Bakken.)

They'll probably find a solution to it, they're the oldest amusementpark in the world for a reason(!).


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