Tivoli Gardens 6/24/04

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I just got back today from a long trip overseas to England and Denmark. I almost made it to Thorpe Park but I was'nt willing to pay 50 dollars for a few hours in their. Instead I visited Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.

At Tivoli, you have to pay to get in, and you have to pay seperatly for each ride. We only had one day in Copenhagen so we tried to do some sightseeing first and then to Tivoli, after all, it is Copenhagens number one attraction.

It rained the majority of the day, so I was really hoping it would hold off for an hour or two in the evening when we were going to go there. After paying the entrance fee (about 15 dollars) we walked around the park in the rain and looked at the beutiful gardens and the rest of the park. Miraculusly the rain stopped when we were walking around the park so I took this oppertunity to take a ride on Daemonen (Demon).

Its a very compact little coaster, with the pre-drop helix being directly over a few walkways. Since there was rain most of the day, the park was basically empty, so there was no line for Demon. This was my first floorless roller coaster, so I was pretty excited. I went in the front for my first ride. When you pull out of the station you are taken directly up a very steep and fast lift hill to the top. Once at the top there is a quick turn to the left and the and 360 degree helix that takes you straight into the main drop. For a small drop, its definently not bad. After the drop you go right into the vertical loop and then into the immelman. The elements go by really quickly and before you know it your into the zero-g roll. Really nice airtime in that inversion. Then you are pulled into a 270 degree helix to the left and then a small turn to the right into the break run. The ride itself is only about 40 seconds long, but it is an amazing 40 seconds. After going in the front I tried the back. I found the back much better than the front becuase you get pulled from one element to the next really quickly and it is much more forcefull. We then went to dinner at a really good restaurant in Tivoli called Cafe Ketchup. Just before closing we went on the Golden Tower, an S&S turbo drop. There is an amazing view at the top of the tower and it holds you up there for a good 20 seconds. The ride was you average freefall ride, but the view made it unique to others. We then left the park at about 11 and made are way back to are hotel.

Copenhagen is a really nice city and Tivoli is a great little park, so if you ever have the chance to visit, do it.

P.S- I'm pretty sure this is not in anyway a repetitive Valleyfair! trip report so can you please make constructive comments instead of negative ones. Thanks.

Man...Negative Writing comments about your style of writing make you a better trip report writer. I personally like writing about fun things that happened on a trip, rather then repetitively listing the different rides I went on.

This trip report was nice, and I am glad you had a fun time in Copenhagen. Can't wait to see some more of those ValleyFair TR's though ;)

Kyle Says: Diamondback was a lot of fun! Made his first time at Kings Island worth it all!

Well, your in luck Kyle, im going to the fair on Monday. Mabye I'll just use the one from a couple weeks ago, because it will probably be the exact same thing, right?

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