Tivoli 4/17/04

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Since I didn't have much time, all I really did was go on Dæmonen twice. GREAT RIDE! This thing is way more intense than many of the larger coasters. Where rides like Superman at WBMW Madrid is so dull it almost makes you fall asleep, Dæmonen is INTENSE from start to end.

The queue starts right under the brakerun. You then head up some stairs untill you reach the station, 7 metres up in the air. These stairs go on top of the hotdog and game stalls, where a bright red Mazda RX-8 is placed.

The station roof is covered with Chinese lanterns, and the airgates feature the Mazda logo. Like all other rides at Tivoli, you decide yourself where you want to sit.

The floor lowers, and the cars head up the STEEP lifthill. This seemed to be as steep as Oblivion's. At the top you get a quick view of Copenhagen, before you're hurled left and through the turnaround. Before riding, I thought this would be tame, but no! This really packs a punch.

Before knowing what happened, you head down the drop, through the loop, immelman and zero-g roll. Most people have already lost their breath at this point, but then you go through another intense helix, a turn and a bunnyhop that gives lots of air into the brakerun.

Seriously, this is one of the most intense coasters on the planet.

At some points you can go RIGHT under the track. I don't think you can get this close to a coaster anywhere.

I only have two complaints:

The lightbulbs on the track haven't been installed, hopefully these will be put up before the Christmas season. (If you look closely you'll see the hooks for them all along the track)

The queue looks VERY cheap, and more like an industrial escape route than anything.

One thing that people found amusing was the sign that said you had to be able to hold on with 3 functioning limbs. There's also a handicap elevator up to the station.

The trenches for the loops are covered in bamboo, and a lot of the old themeing from Slangen has been reused. The chinese warriors for example are now placed next to the immelman.

I can't wait to ride it again.

Thanks for the ride review! It looks like a great coaster, but I never thought I would have heard "most intense," wow. I'm glad to hear that there is no dead time in the short layout.
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Thanks for the review. In typical B&M fashion, their smaller coasters [Batman inverted being a good example] are way more intense than their larger creations.
From the sound of things, the queue will go through the immelman next year.
That spiraling first drop looks great. That's my favorite part of Great Bear @ Hershey.

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