Titan & Goliath's MCBR

I had the opportunity to visit SFOT twice in the last week while I was in Arlington on business, and was wondering about the MCBR on Titan. I had experienced some "grey out" on Goliath at SFMM the three times I rode it two years ago, but did not experience that on Titan. The main difference being that I remember being 'slowed' on Goliath, but we came to a full stop each ride on Titan.

My questions;

1. Does Goliath now come to a complete stop on the MCBR?

2. Have they, or do they, ever operate(d) the ride without the MCBR active?

I must admit, I was very impressed with the friendliness/helfpulness of the SFOT staff. It actually gave me hope for the SF chain.

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I heard rumors of some near-brakeless rides EARLY on in Goliath's lifetime. IIRC, there were a *lot* of complaints about the ride, and it got the heavy braking soon after. During a couple ERT sessions I've been to, I believe the brakes may have been turned down to some degree - but still nowhere near brakelessness.

Bill, big big fan of the Giovanolas... :)

The only time Titan ever ran without the mid-course brake was during testing. On press day the brake was on, but not nearly as hard as it is now. I preferred the lesser brake because the grey-out helix was over quicker. To me it doesn't seem any less intense bringing the train to a gut-wrenching stop mid-course, it only prolongs the grey-out section. SFOT changed the braking after that girl had an aneurysm on Goliath. Ironically, Goliath is not braked as harshly as Titan.

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On Goliath's media day the MCBR was on slightly but hitting nowhere near as hard as it hits now (or, rather as of my last visit back in 2004).

Ironically, on that last visit back in 2004 I hit Goliath right at opening and was on the first public train out with only a small handful of riders. We sailed right through the MCBR without the slightest kiss from the brakes. It was the only time I'd experienced that and assume it was due to the fact that it was foggy and cold that morning.

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SFoT is my home park and I've never ridden Titan without a full stop or very near full stop on the MCBR.
I have gotten a few rides with minimal braking on Goliath and the difference is barely noticeable.

If you look at the physics, the initial velocity before a drop actually doesn't affect the final velocity as much as you'd imagine.

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ApolloAndy said:
SFoT is my home park...

No one is perfect :)

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SFoT is about as close to perfect as you can get at a mega-park....and the park turns 49 years old today.

Happy birthday to the original (and best) of the SF parks - and special thanks to Angus Wynne! :)

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I still don't get the appeal. I preferred SFNE and SFGAdv. as home parks. Then again, I don't get Shockwave, Texas Giant, Titan or B:TR (all fairly intense rides) so that probably has to do with it.

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ApolloAndy said: Then again, I don't get Shockwave...

Does anyone have Gator's cell phone #? I want to make sure he's OK :)

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^After a mild cardiac event, I have returned to my chair and have a nurse on call in case anyone chimes in to agree with Andy. ;)

Thanks for your concern, Mooshy... :)

Seriously though, I loved LOVED Giant. The bobsled at SFoT beats even the (P)KD version. The Windstorm-esque Runaway Mountain is one of the finest enclosed coasters outside of Disney property. There's an ultra-rare parachute drop, Titan (keeping with the thread), Texas Oil Derrick, the family-friend out-n-back Judge Roy, the original SF log flume, beloved mine train, under-appreciated Tony Hawk (at least by enthusiasts), and the ultimate shuttle coaster in the States since the demise of Chiller in Freeze.

Other than the fact that Giant obviously isn't everyone's particular "cup of tea"....what am I missing? If I had SFoT or any other park in the chain to choose based on rides alone - it'd be SFoT. The parks that I feel have *comparable* ride line-ups....are in parks I'm not particularly fond of in terms of guest experience (GAdv, SFNE, SFA). SFGAm and SFStL are the closest competitors within the chain overall...

^and how can you not love Shockwave...it's a classic.

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Wow, SFA? I'm with you for S:RoS but nothing else there even makes the radar.

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Calvin: "If your numbers go up, it means you're having more fun."

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^I love the post-retrofit spaghetti bowls, prefer the Vekoma flyers (layout-wise at the very least), and think that SFA has wood-coaster maintenance that is likely the very best in the entire chain. Roar East remains one of my very fav GCI rides, and Wild One is *still* aptly named. Add all that to the RoS and you've got quite the coaster package...

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rollergator said: ...and you've got quite the package...

That's what she said!

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Even without any of the coasters, SFOT is by far my favorite Six Flags park. It has so much charm and sense of history. I'd trade Great Adventure in a millisecond for the original Six Flags.

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^Ditto on SFOT being the finest park in the chain (and my favorite park overall). It's got the perfect combination of rides and an outstanding overall park experience. SF has taken good care of the place.

With regards to the Giovanola hypers, Titan takes the cake for me. Personally, I didn't really notice much of a difference in intensity in the post-midcourse portion of the ride between Goliath and Titan, so as far as I'm concerned, whichever one gives me more bang for the buck wins. In this case it's Titan with a first helix that's just about as nasty as the second. It's by far one of my all-time favorite coasters.

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I agree about Titan's first helix, it is intense. I don't remember Goliath's first helix being as intense, maybe they are the same.

I agree about the charm and overall atmosphere in the park. I think the "age" helps, as the trees are grown in very, very well, and the shading is well needed in the heat of summer.

During both of my visits, the ride ops were giving high-fives to everyone coming off of Mr. Freeze, and in general, the employees seemed to be in a fairly decent mood. I was impressed, but to be honest, my standards weren't set very high. Is the entire chain experiencing the same improved attitude?

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There's a good reason you don't remember Goliath "first helix" - it doesn't have one. Goliath's only helix happens after the MCBR.

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Obviously the intensity of that 2nd helix did some damage ;).

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The crawl going out of the midcourse on Titan makes the wicked drop that follows that much better, especially if you're sitting in the left seat on the front row.

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