Tired of roumers is SFMM closing or not?

I wana know for sure! (well as close as i can get) SFMM is one of the best themeparks in the world and close to me (so is SFMW) I go to SFMM evey year and love going they have a ton of rides even tho most of the older ones are in poor shape (I.E. revolution)

so is it going to stay open or not!!!!

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-1 for spelling and tired topic.

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Seriously, dude, calm down. Relax. Breathe. Breathe some more. In with the good, out with the bad. Okay? Good.

Now, first piece of advice: it's just a theme park. In the grand scheme of life, this isn't even a blip on the proverbial radar. So no need to get severely worked up about it.

Finally, and in response to your question, as of this exact moment, it's staying open. An offer has been put out for possible bids, but no one has bitten and SF (at least not publicly) hasn't been actively shopping the park around. If something does actually happen, I'm sure it'll find its way onto the Intarweb and you'll be somewhere near the first to know.

Until then, try not to hyperventilate so much -- not so good for the health.

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Closed topic.

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