Tips for my trips to CP and SFWoA

Wednesday, July 9, 2003 5:04 PM
I'm going to be going to CP on the 24th, 25th, and 26th, and SFWoA on the 27th and 28th. I want to get some tips about how to have the most fun and get the most out of it while going to these parks. Like when lines are lowest, what to ride first/last, what to expect form the park/ride ops, etc.? Stuff like that. I went to CP last year but I think I could still use some help to get the most out of being there. If you can help me out please post. Thanks

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Wednesday, July 9, 2003 5:55 PM
I would assume that you are staying at a Cedar Point hotel and will get in early. If that is the case, you could run back to MF and get an early ride or two in. The line gets long even before the park opens. If Magnum is open for ERT, it is usually walk on and you can get in several rides before the park opens.

The 4 times that I have been to the park this year, TTD has not been open for ERT. Try to plan your day so that you will be by MF at or a little after 11 AM. for the freeway stamp and then you can get a second freeway for a different ride of your choice. MF freeway stamps go quick. TTD has not had the freeway this year. Raptors line usually is long in the morning and then gets shorter later in the day.

The extra wait for the front seat of TTD is well worth it. It is about an extra 30 - 40 minute wait, but the ride is just incredible. It seems that the wait for the front seat in the second train is shorter than for the first train. The queue line splits into two lines, one for each loading station. Take the right line. Three days will allow you to hit everything you want, don't try to over plan, just have fun.

At Six Flags, use your park map and the show schedule that you will get when you park to plan your day. The shows on the wildlife side are worth seeing. So hit a few rides in the morning and then head over to the wildlife side and hit some shows and then hit some more rides. You should have no trouble hitting everything that you want to in one day.

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Wednesday, July 9, 2003 6:28 PM
at SIX will be able to get just about almoust everything done in one day....since you are going on 27..28....Which is a monday and a sunday you will most Deff have no lines for the coasters....Hurricane Harbor will be packed if the weather is perfect(hot and dry)(hot and breezy)......there is alot to do in HH so be prepared to spen at least 2 there if you want to do evrything...Like CP ismyhome said..all the shows on the wild life side are worth seeing..(Tiger island is my favorite)......A ride you can miss out on is Mission bermuda Triangle(as it is the worst simulator ever created)....But all coasters and rides on the Wild Rides side should have short lines..try to hit X-Flight in the afternoon(lines are alot shorter)...

At Cedar should be able to get everything done in three days..(multiple times)..Dragster should be open (i hope.i dont want to promise an thing...)..but you should have a great time.....there isnt really much to say( i dont know much about the hotels and ERT...since i live only and 1hr 1/2 away and have a i go..i just wing it..i ride the rides as i see them!..

I hope you have fun....

Wednesday, July 9, 2003 8:23 PM
At CP, you should plan to ride the Mean Streak about half an hour before closing because you can get basically endless re-rides without even getting off the train until closing. This will, however, cause a conflict with the laser show or a last ride on Millennium Force. It's a good thing you have 3 days because it's a real hike to the back of the park.

I was just at Six Flags today and it looked crowded from the parking lot but I didn't wait more than 10 minutes for any roller coasters. I did wait almost 20 minutes for the dodgems though. Your always taking a risk going to Six Flags because all the rides are never open at the same time. You have to ride the ones that are open the 1st day and hope the others open the second day.

The best ride in the park by far is the Villain. It's especially good if you ride it in the very back car at night. Then it gives great air time and you won't know what is coming next. The Big Dipper, Superman, and Batman are also worth riding.

Avoid Raging Wolf Bobs- it is the most messed up coaster I have ever ridden because the retracking is only halfway done. The Mind Eraser is a typical Vekoma and X-flight is overrated. Double Loop is very tame while Serial Thriller knocks your head around. Do you want to ride the kiddie coaster??

If you're into DDR, they have a new DDR Extreme machine in the arcade across from Looney Toons Boom Town. I don't go to the Sea World side often but I hear it's good.

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