Tipping the Cyclone Bag Check Guy??

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I am about to make my yearly trek to NYC to go to Astroland and get my Nathan's and Cyclone fix. One question I have every year is this....should I tip the guy that is watching the bags a $1 or something? I feel real funny that I have to hand him my bag, he gives me a claim check. I do my thing for a few laps on the ride, and then when I get back he gives me my bag back. He -is- doing some work here. But yet, I dunno. I tip the coat check guy when I go out to a club, why wouldn't I tip this guy? Any thoughts?
I think the coat check analogy is right on. A little something for the effort would be just fine.

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hehe I just felt funny if i WERE to do it. He's a scraggly looking guy just like everyone else on the platform. ;-)
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Scraggly looking or not, he is still doing you a service. I would tip him. Fortunately, when I went I brought along my own bag check (aka, the Mrs.) ;) LOL

Certain victory.

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So what about all of the Holiday World coaster ops that take your lose articles and put them in the boxes for you?

AV Matt
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You don't tip them, Matt? No wonder they staple you! lol

(I kid, I kid)

I like the title of this thread.
It sounds like a Bud Light real men of genius commercial.

Mr. Cyclone Bag Check Guyyyyyy.

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If that's his job, why should you tip him? Than, you should tip all the people that check your harnesses at the amusement park because that's a service. Blah, blah, blah. Tipping is an excuse for the employers to give the people less money because it's called the tip credit law.

So, give those people 20% at a restaurant, and Red Lobster can pay those people $3.00 an hour. It is good business for Red Lobster, and all those restaurants. If a person does bad service, they should get fired. That should be how it is, but it's not, and the people at the establishments have to pay the workers.

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Unlike an attendant who places something in a bin on a platfrom, this person actually takes and supervises your belongings to some extent. Since it's a bit more like a valet service with a claim check, which you would tip for anywhere else, so why not. I do and adding a dollar to a valuable service won't break your bank and tipping is good karma! But of course you don't have to, but if you feel like you should then you might as well.
Cropsey, add $5 if he came running down the boardwalk with a bag you forgot. Heck, if you can afford it, make it a $20. That would be way above and beyond.

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What's the difference between this guy and Six Flags' lockers?

You have the freedom to stiff the bag check guy, but the locker cost $1 no matter what. ;)

Exactly! Six Flags is evil but poor poor Carnyl...err Astroland.

Guess it's all about "Charm"

-Brent Kneebush

Astroland is a pit.

I find myself wondering how awesome the Cyclone might be if Deno's ran it instead.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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Here's the spot...

(5 Drum Beats)

(Voice Over Guy): "Bug Lite Presents, Real Men Of Genius..."

(Singer): "Real Men Of Genious..."

(Voice Over Guy) "Today we salute you...

Mr. Roller Coaster Bag Checker Guy..."

(Singer): "Mr. Roller Coaster Bag Checker Guy..."

(Voice Over Guy): "Sure You Want to ride it, but if you can't take it with you, you're not going..."

(SINGER): "Hold on to my baggies..."

(Voice Over Guy): "No locker? No problem! Just hand whatever you have over to the scraggly looking grunting drone..."

(Singer): "He kind of looks like Shaggy..."

(Voice Over Guy) "No need to worry about the street gangs, wilding thieves or crack addicts pawning your Ipod, because the Cyclone Bag man will be holding your package..."

(Singer): "Ye-oww the grip is tight now."

(Voice Over Guy): "Just remember to give your private chalet a buck or two, so that you can sleep at night...and so can he...under the boardwalk."

(Singer): "Mr. Roller Coaster Bag Checker Guy..."

(Voice Over Guy): Anheiser Tush - St. Louis Misouri.

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I thought you meant, like ... cow tipping.

Now that wouldn't be very nice. :)


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Yes!!!!! So, who wants to get together and film this thing? I wanna get down & ride the Cyclone anyway.

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When I was there several weeks ago I thought the jar there indicated the tips were for the 'platform guys'. I felt the funds were to be spread out amongst all the workers.

They had about 4 ride ops loading and unloading and they kept that crazy loading platform moving in that uniquely New York way (yelling and shouting).

For hustling people on and off the way they did it was worth a couple of bucks.

Wouldn't you kill to see SF ops move like that? Seriously?

What about CP Ops? Then again, CP does a good job to begin with.

Coaster Junkie from NH
I drive in & out of Boston, so I ride coasters to relax!

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