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If you could go back in time to ride a coaster the first year it was running,what year would it be?

Mine would be 1927,so many great coasters were designed that year.

Racing whippet 76-77
1924: opening of Euclid beach Thriller.
Schmeck and Stoneback/ PTC

Great Lakes Brewery Patron...


What year did the Riverview Bobs open? Take that time machine to the Windy City in its heyday.

Arthur Bahl

Ravine Flyer at Waldameer Park.
Crystal Beach, 1927. I want to be the First Rider on the Cyclone! Then it's off to the 1939 New York Worlds Fair for a few good laughs at what "Life in the Future" is going to be like. Finally it's off to 1949. In addition to the opening of John Allen's First Coaster I want to visit a Movie Theatre so I can Swap a Copy of a Certain Movie that was showing then with an R-Rated Remake (which starred Brooke Shields) that was made 31 years later! (This is my idea of a Time Travelers Practical Joke!) :)

Oh yeah, I'll bring along a list of what Horses won what races so I can "Finance" my little Trip! (And possibly prevent several Coasters from meeting their fate with the Wrecking Ball! ;) *** Edited 7/21/2006 3:17:04 AM UTC by Borntocoast***

Obviously, Crystal Beach Cyclone. And then Coney Island Cyclone... and then, Playland in Seattle for their unnamed coaster... Heck as long as I'm at it, I'll hit Luna Park that used to be in West Seattle as well.

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For something a little different - 1979, to ride The Beast. My first ride was a spectacular one in 1989 (I was 6) but would still love to experience the thing it was originally built.
I think Travers "triplets"were all built in 1927.

Racing Whippet and Idora Wildcat were built the same year 1927.

Forgot another..KW Racer.

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Racing whippet 76-77
For some reason, the Kennywood Racer has always felt kind of bland to me, even as a kid. I think it's because I had the Racing Whippet to compare it to. I think it's because the first drop only goes halfway down the hill!

I think I read somewhere that was due to the original not having the undertrack wheels so it had to be somewhat mild so it wouldn't derail. (?)

Sorry I sound like a novice here.... I just become more and more interested in these old coasters since my son has become old enough to ride, and I am starting to "relive part of my childhood" so to speak... only problem is, almost all those childhood coasters are GONE... :(

Year 2055 to ride the 1,500ft tall Intamin Rocket Ball Inverted Flyer!
Year 2055,there wont be any coasters,just ride simulators.Insurance and building costs will be too high by then to build any. :)

Racing whippet 76-77
Just a coaster that I have only ridden a couple of times (all this century) yet I have felt connected to it all my life (we both debuted 4/76) - Screamin' Eagle @ Six Flags over Mid-America. Sure, I'd love to ride the Bobs et al, but SE was such an intense coaster, especially on the "back" section that I wonder what it was like when the ride was introduced - not the squealing ungreased bastard it has become. I can only imagine the "back" section would be similar to Boulder Dash, being located in the ravine and all.
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This doesn't count as a coaster, but I wish I could go back in time and ride one of the first prototype Zippers... the ones whose RPMS were like 3 times faster than the production Zippers.

From what I read, most of the survivors were reduced to the RPMs of the production ride, after the originals were found to be way too intense for the normal rider. The most yakked-on ride in amusement park history, they say.... I would have ADORED the thing back then... I wonder if I could withstand it now? Heh heh.

May 2003, Cedar Point, Top Thrill Dragster (Was there)


may 2000, Cedar Point, Millennium Force (Wasn't there)

Not always in that order.

I can't tell you how it felt to ride those rides for the first time.

Grizzly at PKD...my first big coaster:) it opened in 1982....and back then there was no seat divider, had a buzzbar, and that was pre-Waynes World, so it was completely in the woods. ohhhhh yea :D
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This one is fairly easy...

1990: I can barely remember it, but I'd like to ride Predator at Darien Lake in its inaugral year. If it made #9 wooden, it had to have been good.

1991: Mean Streak. It must have been a whole lot better in its first year, especially without the damn trim breaks on the first drop (and elsewhere).

1927: CB Cyclone: Of course, the first year of this monster coaster had to have been great. Not as many neck & back injuries

1992: Drachen Fire... the first year of Busch Gardens latest scream machine must have been sweet. It was before they removed an extra inversion, and before anyone complained about it.


1997: Windjammer... Knotts Berry Farm's most notorious disaster coaster from day-1. I would have loved to at least experience it, because of the fact it was so horrible.

I would love to travel back in time and credit whore the hell out of every park in the 1920's. My count would be up around 4,000 then. :)

I can only see this whole time travel scenario backfiring though. Let's say that today's frivilous lawsuit lawyers get wind of this idea, and decide to go back, and start all of their crap in the 1920's. That would be the end of the rollercoaster before we ever got the chance to now what they were.

1926, The Big Dipper, or the Clipper as it was originally called. But I really don't need to go back 80 years to ride it. The Dipper still gives a great ride today.

I wouldn't mind being able to ride the Steel Phantom, the ride was modified before my coaster riding days started.

How about traveling to the future to ride the Flying Turns at Knoebels. That might not be until 2007.

X, also known as the death of Arrow Dynamics.
Intamin AG, slightly ahead of our modernized times.

1978, to Arlington, TX to ride Shock Wave. Then my machine could zip me on over to Atlanta the same year in order to hit Mindbender. Also go to whatever year the Bradys were at King's Island so I could ride the Racer w/ Marcia :) Think it was '73.

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Defenitly 1991, my ride on Mean Streak in 2002 sucked! But I'd like to ride it without the stupid trim brakes.

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