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Hello everyone, I got back from Timbers Fest last night and I had a blast!! Even though I cannot go to day 2, I arrived on Friday and got some rides on Timbers and did some other things that day as well.....

First off, I would like to say that Friday was unbelievable, I got so many rerides it wasn't even funny...........I met up with Kara and we had a blast! I got one click on my third ride which was great. I got in probably 20 rerides that day on Timbers. I then rode all the other coasters anad got to know the layout of the park. For what MiA is, I really like it! A lot of people don't like MiA because of the lack of rides and things to do, but I found that what they did have there, I enjoyed. I only stayed in the park a couple hours until closing, finishing with some more rides on Timbers (I will give my thoughts on all the coasters when I explain Timbers Fest).

On Saturday, I thought that the park was going to be crowded but it wasn't at all! I awoke from my hard cot I had to sleep in, and got excited to finally go to my first Timbers Fest!

When we (my friend Jon and my dad) walked into the park, I received a coupon for $10 off the Ripcord price, wow what a deal! It had to be before noon so Jon, Kara, and I discussed that we would go at about 11:30am or sometime around there. When the gates opened at 11am, we all went to Timbers. In the morning when MiA opened, Timbers was running a bit slow, but I still had a great ride.........

Shivering Timbers-Wow, this has everything I have ever wanted in a wooden coaster! The airtime is so extreme in every seat especially in the back. The g's are insane in the turnaround and the helix. I love Timbers, I will never forget those rides I got, simply amazing. Thank you CCI!

Next we all walked to Ripcord which looks very tall from across the lake! After paying, we got strapped in and started rising from the ground. To all who do not know, this was my first skycoaster ride so I was pretty scared! My friend Jon pulled the cord and we got about 4-5 seconds of total freefall!!!! WOW, THAT WAS INTENSE! Ripcord is now my #1 pay per attraction! After Ripcord we split up with Kara and me and Jon went to Corkscrew.

Corkscrew-I really like the new paint job and the station is still pretty funny looking, but the ride was pretty bumpy. Overall, nice quick coaster that packs a small punch. After Corkscrew we headed to Zach's Zoomer.

Zach's Zoomer-I've heard many good things about this coaster, so I was excited to ride it. ZZ was very neat and better than most of the other coasters at MiA (except Timbers that is), I got two laps on ZZ and enjoyed both of them, this was also surprisingly smooth! After ZZ we got a bite to eat and went to dumm dumm dumm.........Wolverine Wildcat.

Wolverine Wildcat- I've heard many bad things about this coaster, but I wanted to ride to see what was up. I sat in the very front row while I told my friend to sit in a middle seat that isn't on an axle (sp?). We both thought that it was rough, but wasn't as rough as people made it out to be. I admit, it is rough but not something I couldn't take. I really liked the tunnel and the part that was smoothed out. After WW, headed to Timbers for some more rides then went to the log flume which we both enjoyed very much. After Log Jammer, we went toward the waterpark section.

MiA's waterpark is really impressive, we rode mostly all the slides and had a great time doing this. Hydroblaster was also in the area so my friend and I both rode the green and black sides many times. My personal favorite would be green because it is longer, but I also enjoyed black too. After the waterpark section we went to Adventure Falls and got SOAKED! Then went to Mad Mouse.

Mad Mouse-My first mouse type coaster was Mad Mouse. I really enjoyed this ride because of the turns and sudden drops, the trims were off also! Mad Mouse was a whole bunch of fun and I was pleased to get to ride it. I also rode Big Dipper for the count and went back to Timbers for the rest of the day. After my many rides on ST, we had to leave MiA. It was hard to leave so early, I wanted to ride again so many times, but we drove the 6hr drive back to Westerville and said goodbye. I also got a cool ST shirt and some other things to keep. I had a great time and was pleased to meet a couple buzzers (STchick and Arrow Guy). I saw CPLady there also, you were waiting in line for Bee Bop Blvd with Kara I said I had to go. Sorry I didn't get to say hi! Overall TF was an awesome experience, thank you Michigan's Adveture!

Good Times!! Good Times!!

Great TR! I think MiA is on thier way!

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Was the WW tunnel dark or did they have those blasted huge flourescent lights on?

And did you spend any quality time in the waterpark--you know, the real reason to go to MA in the first place?


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The tunnel was pitch dark - no lights and no sunlight sneaking in. It was kind cold yesterday so anyone venturing into the waterpark had it to themselves. We were going to go after TF lunch, but it turned overcast and rained for about 1/2 hour. Overall it was a great day.

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Bummer, I had to miss Timbers Fest. Wanted to go so much but my 5/31-6/09 coaster trip cost me a little more than I thought. How many coasterbuzzers showed up at Timbers Fest also what's it like riding Shivering Timbers at night?

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I left a little early so I didn't get to ride it at night :o(.........Yes, WW's tunnel was pitch black.

Good Times!! Good Times!!

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It was too cool for me to attempt the water park, and after the brief rain, it cooled off even more. Yes, this park is small, but it wasn't crowded at all. Everything was either a walk on or (in the case of Timbers) 5 minute wait. Quite frankly, the wait was longer for Timbers once the ERT began!

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Timbers was awesome in the dark! This park is not really set up for anything in the dark because the latest they are usually open is 9pm. However a few rides and newer Cedar Fair attractions have lights. Timbers had lights under the structure. There was only 1 flood per hill but it was annoying. We asked for them to be turned off. But still it was awesome because 80% of the ride was still in the dark. All of the valleys were pitch black. ERT on Timbers was not bad if you didn't want a front seat. Pretty much a walk on. If you wanted 1-2 you waited 5 minutes. The line was deceiving because what you really saw in the station was the 1-1 line.
WOW. I have no idea where to start. I am so happy you could come! I had a blast on our pre-TFest laps, probably even more than night ERT the next day :). I am SO happy that you like Timbers as much as I do...but I don't know about you and the one-clicks on your first night on it ;). Like I said, I feel sorry for everyone who missed the Friday night laps on ST because it was running so well, and the rerides were unbelievable.

Saturday was so much fun aswell. I finally got to do Ripcord! That was great, I am so glad we carried out our plans on doing that. Wonder if those pics Mr. Scott took will end up in the next regional news letter ;). Too bad you couldn't stay for the ert, but it was great having you here. I will always ponder how you drove that 6 hours and ended up on aol before I got back from the park...hmmmmm

I really hope you can come again sometime!
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I hope that we get in ACE News as well! That would be so awesome!

Good Times!! Good Times!!

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