Timberliners would be nice on steel? / How is PTC on Texas Tornado

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I've been thinking for a while how great the new Timberliners could be on an old Arrow looper. Of course, the wheels would have to be changed to include nylon or whatever... and of course put a high back/headrest.

Heck, even a Steel Phantom Morgan train re-do would be great (with head rests added for loopers of course). Add a grip bar to the lap bar and so many old, dull and rough Arrows could be really fun rides.

I rode Texas Tornado with the old trains - what's it like with the PTC train now?


You really think it would make a significant difference? The Timberliner train's big advantage is that it can steer. It actually steers in a manner similar to the B&M coasters, but in reality every Arrow train ever built can steer. The Runaway Trains steer on both axles, and the Corkscrews are trailered. The tracks are built around what the trains can do, and a lot of the serious design analysis that Gravitykraft has done in developing the Timberliner is similar to what B&M...meaning Bacon & Morgan...did back in the 1950's when they invented the modern steel coaster, and what B&M...meaning Bolliger & Mabillard...refined in the 1990's.

Sadly, what is so innovative for Gravitykraft to do for wood coasters is kind of old hat for steel. What is really strange is that the PTC coaster on the Texas Tornado is mechanically similar to a Schwarzkopf steel coaster train, and yet PTC never back-ported that design to a wood coaster train. If they had, we might never have seen the development of the Millennium Flyer, let alone the Timberliner.

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Speaking of PTC, I still wonder what motivated them to make those silly little trains they started showing at IAAPA a few years ago. I'm pretty sure they haven't sold any of them.

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Rideman, I always enjoy your insights about coaster trains.

I see your point about steering. On the other hand, these Timberliner features sound enticing for an old bumpy Arrow:

-seat padding
-user friendly lap bar
-seat shock absorbers

If Timberliners pan out as advertised, I'd be interested to try one on an Arrow looper.

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RideMan said:
You really think it would make a significant difference? The Timberliner

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

I guess the main thing I was thinking of was from a comfort POV. The old Arrow trains are aging and may need replacing at some point. Might as well do something more comfortable (see Premier Launch coasters, etc.).

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For the record, I don't think the Arrow trains are any more or less comfortable than when they were new.

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I think they only feel less comfortable now because WE are older.

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I wonder what trains will be used on the new steelier Texas Giant.

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^I think it was said they will be Gerstlauers trains.

From the presentations of the Gravity Group Timberliners, it seems like they would be nice reliable trains for just about anything. And versatile, thats cool ;)


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