TimberHawk Officially Opened Today.

Saturday, June 7, 2003 9:50 PM
Hello all,

I was surprised to see that no one has mentioned TimberHawk today.

I like coasters, but doubt I am anywhere near as "enthusiastic" as some here. So, my ride report might be a little bland.

There was some type of official ceremony that was scheduled to keep the GP out of the way till 1:00pm. This was being enforced at 11:30am but come 12:40pm the security guy was gone and I got in line.

Line was short. I didn't time it, because it was obvious where you chose to sit, and those in the line in front of you, affected your wait time. First ride, in the back, was nearly as short as waiting anywhere. Second ride, on the front, was about 9 trains longer.

This park has NO CLUE how to run a coaster with two trains. I heard a couple of the OPs talking about how they had finally started to figure out to get the guests to get out of, and into, the trains fast enough to avoid stacking. I didn't see them stack a train after I heard the comment, despite throwing two people off the ride because one was trying to ride while wearing a cast on his WHOLE right arm.

I didn't notice the train number on the first ride. I have no idea whether the train matters.

Took the very back and left seat for the first ride. Took the very front and right for the second ride.

This is a GOOD coaster! I rate it a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. However, I have ridden some better wood.

On the second ride, I did same as I did on the first and only brought the lap bar down 3 clicks. (I'm not a small fry, this may be a little much extra space, but my knees are NOT ever going to let me get past the bar with it that high up.) Left the belt lose enough for about two fists. As I was saying, on the second ride the ride op asked if I wanted the bar that high. I nodded, and she left it up! I didn't get stappled!

MY prefernce is for the front. The hanging air one some of the hills is better in the rear, but the ejector air is overall better in the front. I was actually SURPRISED how much more I came up out of my seat somewhere around the 9th drop. And, I like G's! The G's are MUCH more intense on the front.

(I didn't count the drops, I just rode. Somewhere not to far from the end is ONE drop that pulls you up out of your seat significantly more then the rest of the ride ... someone tell me what drop that is!!!)

The coaster got a 7 because it seems a little "rough" (worse in the rear? I didn't check to make sure I rode the same train) is a little slow, and lacks the airtime of other great wood coasters. IF this loosens up, and gets some more speed, I think I might rate it higher.

The GP seemed to LOVE it! This is GOOD! IF attendence increases from this new coaster, MAYBE we can get another one in the PNW soon.


Saturday, June 7, 2003 11:06 PM
I wrote a TR about this coaster this afternoon. Feel free to read it. My feelings on this coaster are FAR different than yours. Glad your experience was a positive one. :)
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