Timber Twister Alpine Coaster

^The one at Oakwood was my first Alpine Slide. The one in Gatlinburg, TN is much longer. Always thought Gatlinburg would be a great area for an Alpine Coaster. Maybe, just maybe one day.

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If you go to the Brandauer website and click on reference, I believe it's showing a list of their installations. If you click on the great Brittan flag for English, it just takes you to a pdf brochure. I'm not sure why. The Italian and French links don't seem to work either. But, all that being said, they don't seem to have any US listings.

Can anyone else confirm or correct me on that?


Ok, with some copy/paste action. I have the list of countries. Some were pretty obvious.


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Geise Engineering in PA also seems to to offer a mountain coaster. I can't tell if it's a different product or if they're just a broker for North America. There's no listing of current projects but photos of their current products including mountain coasters and alpine slides.


Also here's another US competitor called Alpine Products based out of Vermont. Product looks slightly different but they've got a "made in the USA" stamp on the coaster page.


Possibly one of them is under license and the other is a clone. They offer two slightly different Alpine Slide products as well. I remember the original North American Alpine Slide office was based around Manchester, VT. Just down the road from Bromley where the first Alpine Slide in North America went in but heard they went out of business in the early 90s. Alpine Products is listing East Dorset, VT as the office location which is very close to Manchester so possibly this is some of the original Alpine Slide folks. In addition to the coaster both companies are offering retro fit sleds and track for exisiting Alpine Slide operations.

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Geise is a broker for a Erbschloe, another German company. If I recall correctly they have three installations in Europe. They call their product a Robla Bob.

Brandauer has no installation anywhere in North America.

I have a listing on the ACE website of every Alpine Coaster I was able to find:


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There is a new one opening on August 1st in New Hampshire.


It doesn't look like a Wiegand, the car and track look different. I don't think it's a Brandauer either. I believe the Brandauer's are a single rail. Though maybe they have a 2-rail version as well.

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I thought Attitash was getting a Wiegand, but the first photo looks more like an Erbschloe, but it may be just a stock photo. The other two construction photos look more like the typical four-rail Wiegand track. Unfortunately Wiegand has not added any of their 2010 projects to their website--at least not as of the last time I looked

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Just rode the one at Wisp yesterday.
We were coming back on 68 from Kings Dominion. It was only 15 minutes from the interstate so why not. It was a lot of fun, but I felt like I going to be thrown out of the car on a few of those turns. After the first one, I hooked my left arm around the back for a little more secure feeling.

We only did one lap since it was sprinkling and they were closing early.

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I did the one at Wisp wide open till the Helix (cause my friend's fiance was 'waiting for us' and slowed us down). I Loved it.

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