Timber Tower

Is Dollywood's Timber Tower still down? It's not listed in the rides section on thier website anymore?
Last I checked, the ride was listed on their website. They didn't mention it being down or anything.

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They are still trying to determine what went wrong with the ride. It's closed indefinitely.
Last week the ride was testing with sandbags. I imagine it will still be down for some time, though.
I just went today and it was open and running, I hope this helps out a lot

I was there last Monday and was glad to see TT had reopened and we got a ride. One of the ride ops said that Monday the 16th was the first day It reopened after being down. The op said people were stuck in it for 6 and 1/2 hours! It was an OK ride but I can't imagine getting stuck in it for that long. That would be hell.
^God, that is seriously one of my worst nightmares. With my small bladder and the amount of fluids I drink at a park, I'd be screwed.
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The ride down in the cherry picker would be more fun than the ride itself.

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