Tilt coaster malfunction

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This isn't really news, because the ride even opened later the same day, but this is not the ideal outcome of a ride on the only tilt coaster:


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They were given almost $5 in coupons for their trouble!


Dangling 160 feet in the air? Um, no.

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It’s actually not the only tilt coaster as there are two in China.

Im just glad this wasn’t me. That doesn’t look comfortable.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

So, the safety system did its job!

This is a praise to Vekoma, the ride manufacturer.

Turning Fantasy into Reality

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Yeah. I don't even see the problem. That's not terribly different from the normal operation of the coaster.

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This actually answers an important question I've had about what happens if the platform is mid cycle and suffers a loss of power. Apparently, the counterweight is such that it slowly tilts back to home position, even if it is in the vertical position.

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Good thing it re-opened. I've answered yes to sooooooo many people who have asked "would you ride this roller coaster?"

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Wake me up when it becomes ununstuck at the wrong time

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