THUNDERHEAD pics from Coasterstorm

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Hey guys, here are some pics from the event. Hope you lizzzzike.

(server probs...trying to make them smaller)

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Very good pics..

I can see that you enjoyed Dollywood!

Also happy about the ACE conference in '05! About time ACE recognized us simple Mountain folk with our two gem's of coasters! *** Edited 4/19/2004 1:52:01 AM UTC by CoastermanX***

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Those pics are awsome, but I'm tellin' ya poeple, they don't do the ride justice!!!


P.S. Thanks for the pics!

Great pics and I totally agree that Showgirls it the greatest movie ever. Since I can't get to Dollywood right now, I'm going to Blockbuster..

Cheers to Jessie Spanno and wonderful 'acting'. ;)

Down is the new up.
Nice pics!!!! Glad you enjoyed your visit.


Jesse Spano is a bad actress. When she had her drug addiction on Saved By the Bell, it was the worst acting eva!!!!


What's Life if you can't ride Thunderhead?

I'm also glad ACE will be holding their '05 Spring conference at the park. Maybe DW will have another new attraction next year as well. :)

Nice to see all the Acers had a good time!

Here's a few more pics of the Dollywood event:

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Tommy...check your Private Messages.

Cool pics ;)


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If I look at the pics, do I have to use outdated black slang/lingo too? :)


Fo' Sheezy!

Great photos! That Thunderhead sign photo sure helped me out. Wasn't aware that is was a wooden coaster. (insert sarcasm here)
Lemme tell ya, they sure had me fooled...I've ridden it about 30 times so far, and if I hadn't have noticed that sign, I would've thought it was steel! (insert my own sarcasm) The Tennesse Tornado is wood isn't it? The sign doesn't say so, but I'm not


Apparently the park thinks the GP is stupid, or otherwise clueless. It's made of wood, right. No-that's steel painted too look like wood..Please.

New ride next year? Maybe.

the new B&M Floorless is looking better than ever-particularly since ACE will be holding their Spring Conference there in '05.

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LOL! Awesome! It was great hanging with you nutsos again! :-) You guys rock.

Thanks again for the DVD!


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Is it me or is Tommy and James the next Jessica and Nick?!?!?! ;-}

There are no bad coasters, only better coasters!!

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mOOSH wouldn't like Thunderhead, there's no *let-up* for PACING....;)

Seriously, I heard several *experienced riders* say they had a new number one, and lift-to-brakes, it honestly takes your breath away...

Thanks for the video guys, now Jill gets to be *shocked*...;). Can't wait to see myself in the '04 edition...shame you missed the pic of me in the women's shower near T-head, LOL...

Keep in touch, more events left this year....although it looks like my *leave balance* is ridiculously low.

Dollywood's awesome, and Thunderhead IS that good...but don't take MY word for it.

Some great photos there!

Did you notice the new ridge-top condos from the top of the Tornado lift hill? DWRideOp, do you know what company runs those? In addition to being away from the madness of downtown Pigeon Forge, they sure have a good view of the Dollywood valley.

>>Edit<< Just looked at the photos from the first link ... are those condos the ones that are on top of the ridge behind Tornado, or different ones? *** Edited 4/19/2004 11:55:52 PM UTC by xrae***

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I was wondering as well. I noticed those as well Saturday. NICE!


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