"Thunderhawk" SLC track arrives at La Ronde

I guess rumors and speculation were true.


I still think it's a bit bizarre for them to install a Vekoma SLC at a park where a B&M Inverted already operates.

It's also highly unlikely they're just storing the parts there too.

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Did Cedar Fair arrange that paint-job?


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If you think that's a bizzare installation what until you hear what Knotts is getting in 2010.

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A new cable launched rocket coaster? LOL

Certain victory.

Mamoosh said:
If you think that's a bizzare installation what until you hear what Knotts is getting in 2010.

Uh. The way you phrase that makes me feel ill to my stomach.

It's not Planet Snoopy is it? (like all the other Cedar Fair parks for next year).

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This is odd.

Great escape is in bad need of anether coaster. The slc would have fit great escape perfect.

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

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I guess with the bankrupcy and restructuring that parks will have to get what they can from Six Flags. It is a shame, as after the recent upgrades, addition of Sasquatch, and new hotel/waterpark I was looking forward to the SLC going into Great Escape. I miss the park that was my "Knoebels away from home". Might have to plan a weekend getaway to Lake George next season.

Is it possible that since Montreal is on the St Lawrence, and shipping port, that this could be bound for elsewhere? It still seems quite odd that two rides so very simmilar would be installed in the same park. My vote is give La Ronde the SLC, and move the B&M Invert and Mega to Great Escape! *like that will ever happen!*

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kRaXLeRidAh said: It's not Planet Snoopy is it? (like all the other Cedar Fair parks for next year).


Knotts already has Snoopy. Oh, I guess that would be Camp, not Planet.

A family spinning coaster? A Mystery Lodge clone? Dueling stagecoaches?

^ Or Cedar Point's Demon Drop. That would be ultimately bizarre...considering they operate the largest S&S tower in the chain.

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About as much sense as Cedar Point operating Demon Drop and Power Tower.

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Oooohh SNAP!

LostKause said:
Oooohh SNAP!

Looks like it if that is what he suggesting, then we could see a snap. Or could it be other rides that are similar. Moosh never lets secrets out, he likes having too much fun with us.

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You're assuming I know a secret. I could be messin' with y'all.

Speaking as one of your 'messees', I'm having the name 'Mamoosh' engraved on my salt shaker. ;)

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LOL Mike. I read your reply about an hour ago and it just now hit me what you meant. :)

I guess my humor is fine 'grained'....

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I felt sodium for not getting it sooner ;)

(wait for it...)

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^(Puzzled) Rose Nylund doesn't get it!

Don't let your spirits get dashed about it. ;)

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