Thundercoaster, Loup Garou, Robin Hood trains

Wednesday, November 21, 2001 10:41 AM
I haven't ridden any of the Vekoma woodies yet, but I finally got an on-ride video of each. These have raised some questions...
What kind of trains do they use? It looks like Loup Garou and Robin Hood both use similar trains, they look like Gerstlauer open front trains but with 3 benches... What kind are they and how are they? And what train does Thundercoaster use?
Did someone else design any of these, or did Vekoma do that on their own? Loup Garou and Robin Hood remind me of Intamin's newer woodies. (although I think that whenever I see a high, flat helix since the first one I rode was American Eagle) Also, for anybody who has ridden all three, how are they? They appear to be built for speed, especially with all of the parabolic hills and drops.
I must say that they look great, especially with so much of Loup Garou and Robin Hood over water. The layouts look new and different as well, especially Thundercoaster (sort of a combination of GCI's Roars and CCI's Boulder Dash)
Because of Vekoma's recent financial situation, I doubt that we'll ever see one in the US. I'm not complaining, we already have tons of great wooden coasters, with more on the way. But it's hard not to be curious about these three, especially since they are from Vekoma, an established company that we are already familiar with.
"Eject Goose, Eject!"

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Wednesday, November 21, 2001 2:57 PM
They all use Vekoma's own kind of coaster cars. There is some pics of it on

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