Thunder Road at Carowinds

I was just checking out Carowinds's website, and I noticed that the backwards side of Thunder Road is supposed to be closed for the rest of the season. Anybody know (or have any ideas) why?

I was looking forward to riding it backwards-- it's been a loooooong time since I've ridden it at all! Darn!


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The backwards side is closed for some badly needed track work. The park is also doing some structural stuff on the coaster too.

For the last few weeks both sides have been closed, however the fowards side reopened the other day. Strange that they decided to do this in the middle of the season...

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Must have needed some serious repairs for it to close during the season.
I went last night and was hoping for a night ride, but both sides were closed. Bummer. Guess I'll keep trying if forward is now open.

On another note, to whomever is responsible for the current state of the Hurler...THANK YOU. I caught a couple of front seat rides last night, and it's not even the same ride it has been the last few years. It was tearing through the course, smooth ride (at least in the front), and major ejector air on the hops, especially down the first stretch. The new wood and track work has done wonders, and now I feel the need to ride this every time I'm there, as opposed to staying far far away. Keep it up Cedar Fair.

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I'd never ridden Hurler before this Spring but it seemed to run very well to me, too. The back-half of Thunder Road was really bad. The first part was fast and fun but the return run was like a completely different coaster. Rough and nasty.
Lets hope the same thing happens to Rebel Yell at Kings Dominion and their Hurler. However, the Grizzly rocks my world. Its not too rough, and not too smooth. So damn good at night. Sorry, i know that was a little off topic.

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