Thunder hawk and Vekoma

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We all know that Thunderhawk is moving to Michigan's Adventure. But, I'm wondering how cool it would be if MA rebuilt Thunderhawk as an extended SLC? Has anyone ever been on one?

I was looking at a few extended SLC versions of the ride, and the added helix looks like it would be pretty intense. I'm wondering why there aren't any versions like this in the united states?

If they did build an extended version, it would be very cool if they put the added helix inside a dark tunnel. (Hint to Cedar Fair!) And, make the tunnel go as far as the brakes...the sudden stop in the dark would totally freak people out.

I also saw a video of a new SLC at Blackpool. That is supposed to have an underwater tunnel? Did not see the tunnel in the video, but got a great laugh out of the poor female reporter who almost lost her lunch on the ride...It was really funny! *** Edited 10/13/2007 3:03:28 AM UTC by Timber-Rider***

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Ok...I understand the moving of the ride...but why spend more money making the ride longer? I doubt that they will do that especially if they wont even try to use the new trains that Morey's may get. And in my opinion the new trains would be a smarter way to spend money on an SLC rather than extending it.


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It's not going to happen (Hint to Timber-Rider!)
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And they couldn't extend the coaster, and add new trains because?....It's possible. May not happen it's true, but to totally dismiss the idea is the same reason a lot of parks are in the mess they are in. They have no real ideas, and only do what everyone else is doing...and, care little about why they are doing it. Other than to make money. Which is one of the reasons ordinary rides are so successful at Disneyworld. because someone took the time to think about how much better a ride would be with a little extra themes and artistry.

An example of ideas, is the most interesting themed coaster I have seen yet. Crystal Wings at an amusement park in China. One of the most interesting settings I have ever seen. It is a flying coaster like Superman at Great America that is built in an almost Lord of the rings like setting of Mountains and fantasy like castles. the color of the coaster is ugly. But the setting is beautiful.

Go to rcdb and check it out. You can also see the extended SLC design there by looking at various Vekoma coasters.

I do wish that the poster's age would print next to their screen name. No offense to our younger posters, but sometimes you want to discuss a valid point, and then you realize that you might as well just give it up.

I'll take the bait:

Given Cedar Fair's very serious and potentially ruinous financial situation, they are not going to spend an additional dime that they don't have to next year. Just because you "Could" extend that Hang N'Bang, doesn't mean anyone will, and certainly not to put it in MiA (no matter how much they "deserve" it (snark intended).

You will see the salvageable GL rides moved to other parks this year, and probably next year as well. If they can get any type of exceptional offer for PGA, they'll do the same thing to it. The winners out of the PGA situation will be Santa Cruz Boardwalk and Discovery Kingdom.

Carowinds is potentially at risk also, and you can believe that whatever "excess land" exists in SW Ohio is being pitched as we speak.

Check out the Yahoo message board for the FUN stock symbol if you need a primer on just how bad CF's situation really is.

But even if CF was going great, adding an extra helix isn't going to benefit the park. Let it go.
Yea, but the trains couldnt hurt.

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The coaster is already too much for that park, now you expect them to add to it as well?

That ride would never have landed at the park if it weren't being removed from another in the company. I'm still shocked that they didn't send the Boomerang there instead.

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That would have made more sense but I think the park got Thunderhawk by default because no other park in the chain could have used an inverted coaster of some kind. Off the top of my head, I can't think of a CF park that doesn't have a B&M invert, an Intamin invert or a Vekoma Invertigo.
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That's what I was getting at.

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog - Phrazy

New trains could be added yes,modifications to the existing layout however cannot.

The SLC extended is a somewhat different design & takes up more space than the standard model.

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It is totally possible that the Boomerang will eventually end up at MIA. Maybe in a year or 2. Heck even Raging Wolf Kabobs could compliment what they have already at MIA. I am just pointing to potential. No I have nothing to back that up with so take it as a simple grain of salt.

I could also see other flats showing up at MIA from Geauga Lake.

I think Time Warp would add nicely to their line up.

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All right you guys. You don't need to be so critical of my statements. After all, what I suggest is not written in gold. It is just an idea, not a mandatory solution. But, I still think Thunderhawk would be better, with the extended Helix. MIchigan's Adventure has tons of land for expansion. A lot of it is just scrub grass and bushes...but it is there.

As for That horrible boomerang coaster being moved to michigan...Please no! That's a horrible coaster. If we get any coaster from whats left at geauga lake. Give us a refurbished Big Dipper. You can send Raging wolf bobs somewhere else. The Villain too!

Time warp would be a good idea, as would the top spin at GL. And the old enterprise ride would find a nice home at Michigan's adventure. There are a few flats there I'm sure MA could use, even the Music Express (Himalaya) would be a great addition to the park. Even the Demon Drop being relocated from Cedar Point would be cool.

^ We're not being critical. You just don't happen to enjoy the the idea that we think your suggestion is not economical and nor logical.

The whole "it could happen" is a given. We know it could happen. If the $2.1 billion debt-load carrying Cedar Fair decided to drop hundred of thousands of dollars more to modify a relocated coaster just for the sake of making it a little bit longer, they COULD do it. But they're not.

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