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Developed by Frontier Development for PlayStation 2, Xbox and PSP, Thrillville lets you create your own theme park, including rollercoasters and midway games. Go-karts, mini-golf on courses you design and bumper cars are all included.

Im afraid this will be a port of rct 3 to consoles but it is published by LucasArts so we will have to wait and see. Im looking for screenshots of the game but can't any, but this game was just announced and E3 is this week so mabybe will see some screenshots. Im gonna keep a close eye on this game unless it's rct 3.

Here is a little more on the title.

Army Rangers lead the way
I wonder why not Gamecube or DS?? Ive been hyped up for a Roller Coaster Tycoon on DS since there was supposedly an annoucement of one, it looked really cool from the screen shots too with the main game screen on top with the tools all on the bottom touch screen. *** Edited 5/9/2006 1:05:52 PM UTC by P18***
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Well it's being developed by Frontier, so you know it will suck. I bet you anything that Chris Sawyer had an option to yank the RCT franchise from their incompetent hands, and that's what he did.

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Thanks super. Well I didn't want rct 3 on consoles. Mavbe a rct 4 with a different engine and more close to rct 2 and 1. Never Liked 3.

Jeff, did you like rct? Why do you hate them? Does frontier have rights to use rct in a game or does Chris Sawyer own it. I agree if you don't like rct because it went downhill after rct 1. Though some expansion packs were good in rct but not 2 and better in 3 I believe, but haven't really played rct 3.

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You just confirmed what Jeff said. Frontier f'd up the whole damn game.

Interestingly, the original RCT and it's add-ons and the original RCT2 were Sawyer's babies. Frontier took over with the first RCT2 add-on and continued through RCT3 and it's exapnsions.

When will the average RCT fan tell you the series began to suck? That's right - with the first RCT2 add-on.

It's a shame what that company did to the game.

Well, at least it's coming to gaming systems so I can keep it as far away as possible from my PC.

It actually sounds like a fun distraction game, but I'm keeping my expectations low, low and low. ;)

Lord Gonchar, I agree with what u said. I didn't know frontier did the two expansion packs of rct2. I though rct was made by frontier but Im wrong. Thats too bad.

Either way Im gonna look out for it unless it but I'll keep my expectations low. At least you won't be disappointed if it sucks and your satisfaction can only go up if it is good.

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Hey, if it's RCT3 on the console systems...

You can at LEAST hope that if you start bogging the game down with a ton of theming, it won't slow down like it does on the PC version!

That was my only real beef with the game. I enjoy RCT3 a lot, I beat every senario except the very last one on the Wild because damn... it's just hard... but although they could have been a little more creative with the senarios (and challenging), they were at least fun. Everythign else on the game seemed to be ok, though... the rides didn't die out quickly like they used to on RCT2 or the original with the pricing, and the additional rides were pretty sweet, even if they were just a plop-n-play.

If it's a different variation of RCT3, then all the more power!

I kept with my promise, here are screenshots and a trailer of the game. The site is:

Look for thrillville, can't miss it. I have seen them and it looks less then average, well no surprise there, though that is just my opinion.

It will be cool if it was xbox live so you could visit other peoples parks though I doubt it. I like being able to walk in the park, thats the only thing that would make me want to try the game. Yeah I know you can do it rct 3 but I would like to walk on the paths and actually wait in line, that may sound lame but I want to.

This looks suspiciously like RCT3 with some settings set to ultra-low (the coasters! What a surprise) and some to high (snogging teenagers!).

Add to this some cartoonish rides, more giant themeing and "I shot the Sheriff"-microgames and you see that Frontier basically took their game to another company.

So what about the future of RCT?

- We will certainly don´t get another expansion (good)

- We will certainly don´t get a fix to the horribly butchered game we paid (and paid and paid) for. (bad)

wiki wiki wiki wiki...ahh shut up!
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That game looks sick!!

Now looking at a trailer, it kind of looks like RCT 3.5. It's got the graphical elements of RollercoasterTycoon3, including the goofy characters, but it adds in some personality, graphical updates [to the characters], and a whole new level of gameplay.

It'll be interesting to see how this turns out, but when Lucasarts usually chruns out a game, it winds up being pretty decent. Not all are consistant, but most are... and with mini-games, a eye-level view of your park without a "cheat" code, and true interaction with guests, it could be quite fun.

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It's RCT3, but it looks kinda goofy.

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Where could you possibly get "a whole new level of gameplay" from?

It's definitely based on the RCT3 engine. As much as I've never been pleased with the performance level of that engine, the thing that sucked the most was still the horrible rule set to the game. They took what was a balanced and, above all, fun system and mangled it, then sold it without ever fully testing it.

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Preach on, brotha Jeff! :)

I don't see how anyone could do anything in RCT3 beyond small to mid-sized fantasy parks that they never opened to peeps. Anything more than that and the numerous flaws with the game became much too evident. It's virtually unplayable to me. (and that's if I ignore the peformance issues)

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The mini-arcade games is a whole new level of gameplay, didn't get to do that in RCT3 for the PC. The "Sims" like interactive-personalities of one character towards another is another new level that RCT didn't get into... and there may also be more that wasn't shown in the trailer.

I never got to do a large park DUE to the performance issues, so endulge me, LG, why was a large fantasy park unplayable? Were the peeps retards, did they not visit rides further than they wanted to walk? Were they interested in just walking around aimlessly after it got too big, or got scared off?

Whenever I built a huge sand-box park, it took me hours upon hours to build, I opened it for like 20 minutes until the system chugged and gave up never playing that park again.

The thing that made the original game fun for me was the unlocking of new rides and scenarios. That was the reason that I was compelled to finish a level before I went to sleep for the evening.

It was fun to see the names of new parks and not be able to play them because they were not yet highlighted.

Putting the graphics and engine aside, if the game dosn't provide some challenges, mysteries and rewards I don't think I'll like it.

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at least it isn't sim theme park!
My 12 year old daughter loves sim theme park possibly even more that RCT II. I don't know if all younger children like Sim Theme Park, but the younger crowd could be exactly the audience who will like this game.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

I don't think it looks too great... My thoughts on it *** Edited 5/13/2006 3:12:45 AM UTC by Cameraman***

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