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My family went to wisconsin dells from July 30th- August 1st. It was a very cool trip.

July 30th: We started out of our house in Stillwater Minnesota at around 9:00 AM. It was a smooth drive that had no interference through the whole drive down. We got into the dells at around 12:00 noon. We checked into the Hilton Garden Inn and got our room set up. It was a VERY nice hotel. My father and I decided to go to Mt. Olympus because it was nice weather. We got our wristband for $33 bucks (Way too expensive if not visiting the waterpark) and entered the park. We then got in line for Hades. My dad is about 45 years old, and he has knee problems and he did not enjoy Hades. After waiting about 45 minutes, we got on the third car. I was surprised with the speed of the first drop and the pre-lift hill run. My dad screamed the whole ride and didn't open his eyes the whole way. When we got to the top, it was way cool seeing the turn-around up ahead. We plummited underground and it feel like you were in with Hades. It was very loud and dark. After the tunnel, we climbed our way to the top which I thought we weren't going to make it over and went down. The little hill gave a fair amount of airtime before the second part of the tunnel. After that it got rough. We exited the tunnel and went through a little structure and came down right by the que-line. It was very fast and enjoyable but one we started to turn around, it got way too rough. It was unpleasent till the break run. After that ride, my dad could barely walk, but he was O.K. After Hades, we went on Zeus. The god of roughness. It was really rough. (Headaches) Then it was Cyclops which I enjoyed. I can easily understand why you have to be 18 and over to sit in the back. It litteraly THROWS you off your seat and back down. Looked fun. Ahh only two-three more years. Next we sat down and tried to get ice-cream, but the foreign people didn't know what we were talking about. We sat down and I watched Dive to Atlantis. Looks like a long and boring ride. After our treat, we headed over to the Trojan Horse Go-Kart Track. It was an enjoyable experience except for the fact that the go-karts were rather slow. Then we went on the Junior Woodie, Pegasus. My dad thought it was too fast and scary...? We then went over to the Parthenon area. I rode on Disko` with my dad and I knew he doesn't like spinny rides but he rode it anyways. I enjoyed it but his stomach didn't. Don't worry, no puke. Then, I took a couple rides on the Robo-coaster. They really need to get better shoulder harnesses on that thing. It was fun, but very uncomfortable.
After that, one more ride on Hades and Cyclops and we were done. The rest of our family met at the Pizza Pub which was very good. We got back to our hotel and around 7:00PM and then went back for another ride on Hades at 9:00PM. Front seat, pitch black, no dad with me to scream... it was AWESOME. (but still rough)

July 31st: We went to Noahs Ark at around 8:45 AM and got our tickets. We immediatly got in line for Black Anaconda. It was about a 30 minute wait for that. It was awesome. (It was my first water coaster) After that, we decided to go on the Sting-Rays. I didn't really realize how big the wings were until I got there. It was fun. Then we got on Kowabunga and the Plunge. Kowabunga was fun put the plunge was way better. Then we went over to Time Warp. The line was backed up to the Bowl. It was about an hour wait. It was a good ride but it was just a dark bowl with little purple lights in the middle with music you could barely hear. It was O.K. The rest of the day, I worked up the courage to go on the Point Of No Return.
By the end of the day, it was one of my favorite rides. Very fun. We also got in one more run on Time Warp and Black Anaconda before the day ended.

August 1st: We woke up, ate breakfast, put the stuff in the car and headed to the Wilderness. I wanted Pictures of the Wild Water Dome and the Lost World Waterpark before we left. I walked into the lobby of the WWD, and said, can I go in and take some pictures, and the three ladies looked at me and said... No. Peer Teen discrimination. I then walked straight into the Lost World Waterpark. It was a weak waterpark with lazy river, a conveyour belt, and a waterslide leading back into the lazy river. Weak.

Then we headed to the Great Wolf Lodge. New waterpark, not so good. It looked O.K. with the racing slides and the Tornado, but still, not that impressive. Same story with the outdoor waterpark. We drove home in rain so hard we had to slow down and stop because we couldn't see.


Hades: 8/10
Zeus: 5/10
Cyclops: 9/10
Pegasus: 7/10
Disko`: 8/10
Robo-coaster: 4/10
Night Ride on Hades: 9 1/2 /10

Black Anaconda: 10/10
Time Warp: 8/10
Stingrays: 9/10
Point of No Return: 10/10
The Plunge: 10/10
Kowabunga: 8/10
Wave Wavepool: 9/10
Big Kahuna Wavepool: 6/10
Adventure River: 9/10
Lazy River: 7/10
Bermuda Trinagle: 8/10
Black Thunder: 4/10
Dark Voyage: 4/10
Congo Bongo: 2/10
Flash Flood: 9/10
Whole Park: 10/10

Whole Trip: 8/10
It was a very fun trip.

Kudos to your dad for going on all those rides with you, especially if he wasn't into them all that much. Let's hear it for men in their 40's!

Just wondering why you chose the title for your TR that you did. I couldn't figure it out till I went back and read it a second time. Kinda gives the impression you didn't have such a good time, but from your report it sounds like you did.

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That wasn't long at least not compared to some of the TR. ;)

Glad you had a good time, I've been wanting to get up to the Dells and ride Hades.


Yeah, my dad was complaining at te end of the trip because he's this big buff guy and he said if he went in with me to the Wilderness, they would've let me see the Wild Water Dome. Yeah, some of Hades is overrated. I liked it, but it was kinda too rough towards the end. But the night right was Amazing!
I think you may be confusing aggressivness with roughness as i don't think Hades is even the least bit rough.

It is a very aggresive ride that has it's way with you, But it tracks VERY smoothly.

Glad you had a good time!

-Brent Kneebush

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No Avalanche?

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Less then 2 weeks for me. I can't wait. Is it true u need to be 18 to si tin the last seat of cyclops. That is awsome if its true. *** Edited 8/3/2006 8:10:07 PM UTC by MAGXL200***

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Haha, yep, it's true. Yeah I think I did confuse the two. But the 90 was quick but fun. You definetly knew when it was happening.

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