Three hours in Wonderland - Canada's Wonderland, August 5 2012


So we (myself, my love, and various family members) found ourselves in Toronto over the weekend for a wedding. We initially planned to go as a large group - young and, erm, less young - to Canada's Wonderland for much of the day, however the horrible looking weather scuttled that plan for most of us.

Most of us. My glorious girlfriend - we'll call her Nini - and I decided that we wouldn't melt. And that despite time constraints and the weather, or perhaps because of the weather we could make it work. We were vindicated.

We arrive around 11 via public transit and buy tickets at the gate. Pricey but everything is in Toronto. We ask about the Fast Lane dealie but upon hearing it would be $62 each we say helllllll naaaah and anyway, We immediately noted the rather sparse traffic.

Nini is my erstwhile companion on these things but she doesn't quite like the look of Leviathan so instead of immediately going and doing that, we hit up FLIGHT DECK with no real wait. Which is our first SLC, shockingly enough. Aside from the restraints cramping my flow bigtime - I'm long in the torso and they make me scrunch down a bit, as do Arrow loopers - I didn't get the negativity. It was by no means silky smooth and it's not even close to Top Gun The Jet Coaster or for that matter any B&M invert but it's not nearly as rough or horrible as it's made out to be.

Next up, PSYCLONE which is a Mondial Revolution. We liked it alot, no nausea but definitely freaky. I somehow also had never ridden one. Score. One cycle wait.

Nini decides that she's not doing either of the huge B&Ms today so I grab a one cycle wait for the back seat of BEHEMOTH by myself. I have major Nitro flashbacks, the only things that I see that are really much different are the train and the downward/upward helix combo near the end. Not that it's such a bad thing, Nitro's great and so is this, it's all just a bit samey.

We then hit up MIGHTY CANADIAN MINEBUSTER near the front I think which wasn't atrocious or anything but also wasn't by any means good. More dull than anything else.

We're getting a little peckish. We hit up Coasters and spend $35 for basic burgers and chicken sandwiches. It's noon.

We hop on WINDSEEKER. No wait, as per usual. Fun ride. Not really scary but it provides nice views and on an already cool, comfortable day like this, it feels great up there. We dug it.

SKYRIDER might have been the most fun we had all trip. Not so much for the ride, but primarily for how much we were distracted by our respective groin discomfort. Somehow we both found it very amusing. I thought it was a fun little layout, and not at all the worst stand up I've ridden.

We hop in line for VORTEX which is the longest wait of the day (thus far? Stay tuned!) at about 15 minutes. I adored it. Smooth and fun, with a trip up through the fake mountain and a nice little swoop into the lake. It made me very happy. Neens liked it too.

We keep walking and I entertain the idea of riding SHOCKWAVE but dislike the idea of my chicken sandwich flying all over the midway, as does Nini.

We consider riding THE BAT but it has a line. No thanks.

Instead we hit up WILD BEAST. Near the back.

It's not good, dog.

I'm not gonna dwell. Sure, it's absolutely awful, just brutally rough and awkward, and sure, it has really annoying lapbars and dividers that combine to make sure that your outside leg is super uncomfortable, but on the plus side we didn't wait and it's not that long of a ride.
It's starting to rain and Nini wants a water so, finally, the main event...


No wait, very back seat. I can't decide what I think of it, ya'll. The first drop is amazing, as is much of the first half, and there's some very nice air. But it all ends way too fast. It's definitely very, very good, but I wasn't blown away by any means. I did another lap one row back from the front and I felt the same way.

We then take a quick spin on THUNDER RUN after a 10-15 minute wait which was a ride Nini rode as a very small child. She was talking about it all day, but not by name and just with "that ride with the dragon in the mountain". So when that very thing happened in the ride, it made her day.
We wrap up with a quick ride on THE RAGE which is a pirate ship. It sure is.

It's now 2:10. We've done more or less everything we wanted to do, and the sky is opening up something fierce, so we're out! We had a ball, and speaking at least for myself, I'd love to go back sometime.

Wow that's a lot in 3 hours! I would really recommend sticking to the front on Leviathan. The back is still good but it looses intensity after the turn around. The front is relentless until it hits the final break run.

Well, being I'm in Brooklyn NY there's no guarantee I'll ever return.

But I'll keep that in mind. :) I loved the city and the park.

What, no Sledgehammer? You missed an awesome flat.

My author website:

Sledgehammer was down.

Really wanted to try that.

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Isn't Sledge Hammer rarely up?

Sounds like you had a ball!

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Vincent Greene said:

SKYRIDER might have been the most fun we had all trip ... primarily for how much we were distracted by our respective groin discomfort.

Of course. Groin discomfort is usually the highlight of my day!

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