Three Cedar Fair Parks in One Week!

Hello Coaster Fans Who Are Petitioning Webster's Dictionary To Add Multiple Acceptable Ways For The Spelling Of Millennium,

I'm a little bit late on this report, due to cramming in as many theme parks as humanly possible these past few weeks (hey it is Ohio and summer doesn't last long enough)...Just recently I got to visit Geauga Lake...err Wild Water Kingdom (Really, why can't they just call it for what it's Geauga Lake), Kings Island, and Cedar Point all in one week, all on week days. I'll compare all three and try to keep this brief (like that's going to happen).

I had my two girls with me, who my youngest is now just 48 inches without shoes, so she was PUMPED to ride the big people water slides and 48 inches rides.

First off was Geauga Lake upper 70's on a Tuesday. I got their right when it opened. This place is PACKED if it's nice outside...I say packed, but not really, anyone who knows this place, knows it needs ATTRACTIONS bad! The parking lot is next to empty and the slide lines are ridiculously long. Those who don't know, the water here is heated! If it's cold, no worries, the water is hot. On hot days it doesn't feel the best, but today it was just fine. This park is better than last year, but it still feels like any second now they are going to pull the plug on the park. PLEASE add something new. It feels like all the Cedar Fair is just gone from this park. One of my complaints from previous years has finally been answered though, and they removed all the rocks from the walkway to the the fake beach. The fake beach is however is still cement that they say is sand (for those wondering it's the leftover sand from when they removed the stadium), that only a Hercules strength kid, can dig into. I'm not strong enough. The slide tower is still the best in the State of Ohio! Every slide is fast, unique, and fun. My daughters loved going on them for the first time! The life guards didn't give me crap about my daughter being right at 48 inches this year, like they did with my last daughter last year. Made a much nicer day. (keep reading for other Cedar Fair Parks inconsistencies). Overall it did seem cleaner than last year, a few things painted in the off season, more plants, but it doesn't scream Cedar Fair. I couldn't even begin to tell you all the things this water park could become and be great at. My daughters also loved the Tornado slide. This is the only Cedar Fair park that was pumping people through the large slide rides. I hate how often their wave pool stops to "rest" on 15 off 15 on 15 off 15. I know they say safety, but I've been to many parks that these things run for way longer. All the life guards at this park are top notch, did a great job, and all seemed very alert. Friendly staff all around. Left at 5 due to rain coming in, but it was fun relaxing day.

King Island Wed 85 Degrees

We got in early with our Platinum Passes. My youngest can't ride Diamond Back, so we opted for The Beast. This was both their first rides on it! After the initial drop (they were still waking up from a 4 hour car ride) they both loved it! We hit Stunt Track, which had very nice operators...What happened to the water at the end? I hate it when a ride is missing theme stuff that it originally had..that water adds to the end, but it was still a great little ride and my ladies loved it. They both REALLY enjoyed Adventure Express since they only have ridden Mine Ride, this was the greatest thing in the World and now they think Mine Ride is boring! Flight Deck was fun, and they said they like Iron Dragon because "It has two lift hills" We went over to the water park since it was starting to get VERY busy on rides side. Water park was REALLY REALLY busy. This is my first visit to the new addition of Soak City. It's weird seeing a water park with two wave pools right next to each other. I was hoping they would have gotten rid of all the empty area between everything, but nope....TONS of open HOT cement. It feels like a mile between the wave pools and slides. Kings Island has AWFUL, and I mean REALLY BAD capacity on ALL of their water slides. It was a JOKE! Seriously, the wait from the bottom of the steps to the top of the family raft ride (while not far at all) was 1:15 min!!!!!! I have never waited that long in my life! Mind you they don't have signs posting wait times. I do anything for my girls, but if I would have known that...What happened was, sure there is 2 loading sides, but it's pointless. Buy the time I could actually see what was going on, it appeared they only had 4 rafts for the slide. So you had to wait for the loading, going down, putting on the belt, and back up. Really? Why don't they fix this problem? It was like this on their Tornado slide as well (which I didn't ride, because I could see that problem from the ground). their body and tube slides are so slow as well. the safety checks that they do are so long. My daughter had a wrist band, they still tripled checked her, make everyone do a 360 so they can check you over, and then get in the slide...all this AFTER they get the all clear from the bottom. They could be doing that, while the other sliders are going down.It got way to packed over on the water side, so back to the rides side. There new wave pool is on for 5 off for 5 on for 5...Still strange. I miss "The Wave" wave pools...what's with this bopping choppy wave stuff now a days?

The Snoopy Jungle show was SOOOooooo horribly bad, even with my little kids, it was bad. I still can't figure out how this made it buy any management. Little kids weren't even smiling, laughing, or dancing. And no Snoopy in a Peanuts show? My kids LOVE Peanuts and hated this show. We went over to Ed Elonzo's Magic Show...Now this was a GREAT show! One of the best theme park show's I have seen in awhile. Great tricks, entertaining, bam bam thank you mam presentation. My kids also loved this show. A MUST see if you're visiting.

We went over to Planet Snoopy (which puts Cedar Point's to shame), and the kids and I had a blast. The love Boo Blaster's on Boo do I. Cedar Point really needs something like this! One of the best family things to do, and get out of the sun. We made another trip around the park, and the lines were dying out but we had to head home for Cedar Point the next day.

Cedar Point 98 Degrees...Heat Index 115!

We got in early but my youngest couldn't ride the big stuff
(Gatekeeper and Raptor), so Iron Dragon and MForce it was! Headed over to Soak City for 10am opening, already dripping in sweat. We did all the slides 2 times before they starting getting really long. Cedar Point Soak City has a GREAT action river. Nice that they have an action river and a true lazy river. This wave pool is like Geauga Lake's, on for 15 off for 15. Soak City is just in such a cool setting with Magnum splitting it. Great views all around, and the top of the slides is awesome being able to look all around Cedar Point and see the lake. I do HATE the stairs at Cedar Point's Soak City, shaky, a little slippery, and see through. Not fun with two girls, and inner tubes up high. I can't figure out these life guards. My daughter had wrist band, but EVERY time they had to keep measuring her!? It's not like it's a different slide or guard either. On the slide complex we rode every slide twice. On the 4th time up, after measuring her EACH time, the life guard girls said she wasn't tall enough!? The same girl just measured her less than 5 min. ago! I have never spoke up before about safety to an operator, but this time, and I just said mam, you just measured her 5 min ago and she has been down this numerous times this morning, and she has a wrist band. She looked confused then said, well ok. I don't get it. Soak City slides complex is underrated. They have some great, fun, fast tube slides.

We went back into the park since Soak City was becoming wall to wall people. I had a turkey leg. I love turkey legs. Wet people were everywhere from the water rides inside CP. Maverick was a posted 1:45 min wait...yikes. Carnival rides it is! After going to all the Ohio Fairs lately...CP's carnival rides are slow and seem like they never make it out of first gear. Went to check out Snoopy Ice Show...CP has a winner here! Great music, good performers, and a GREAT family show. I like the balloon drop at the end too. Just makes you happy. The back of the park was packed but the front was almost walk on everything (except Gatekeeper, and Raptor). My kids loved the Blue Streak. Made another trip around the park, ate some Elephant Ears, and then headed home.

In all a fun week, and PA is next week!


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