Three busted for selling fake Cedar Point tickets

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Middletown police have arrested three people in connection with a counterfeit ticket operation. Investigators said the three had been manufacturing fake Cedar Point tickets and selling them to unwitting victims on Craigslist.

Read more from WLWT/Cincinnati.

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Not too surprising, it seems like something like this happens every year at some park. Kinda funny though because I just talked my friend out of buying $25 tickets off Craigslist on Friday, telling her that many of those tickets are some sort of fraud. Better to pay the few extra bucks and get them from a reliable source than to get scammed.

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It's definitely one of those things where if it sounds good to be true, it probably is! I have heard of people trying to sell fake concert and sports event tickets. I guess amusement parks are not immune to crooks.

It's not like discounted CP tickets are hard to come by.It's SO easy to find discounts to just about any amusement park if you look around. I know all the Cedar Fair parks sometimes sell discounted tix on their websites. You can find discounts at a lot of the hotels or grocery stores, or coupons at any of the service stations or fast foods around that area. I always look for discounts or coupons to EVERY park I go to. Sometimes it's as easy as stopping by a Wendy's or McD's and grabbing a few coupons that will knock off at least $10 or more.

I hope whoever was scammed learned their lesson. Still, it's sad that theives will do anything to try to make a fast buck.


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