Those who really HATE amusement parks ........

Elitch Gardens isn't as cool as it used to be since I don't work there anymore.

Dave Dragon, go Dave Dragon, and the Star Force Five!

The neighbor sounds like a tool on so many levels. Even allowing for the idea that he hates amusement parks, which seems to be based on some generalization, there's a right way and a wrong way to communicate that.

By suggesting amusement parks to him, it's clear that it's something you're at least somewhat interested in, even if he knows little else about you. With his tirade, he's basically calling you one of the trashy low class people he thinks frequent parks. Even if he thinks that, he should keep it to himself. :) He could have simply said "Well, I was thinking more along the lines of.{insert favorite activity here}" or even, "Thanks, but we're not into going to amusement parks." Says they're not interested without coming off like a jerk.

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I just want to be part of a thread where the term "ne'er-do-wells" was used.

And now twice!

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Tekwardo said:
Or a school yard...or city park...or Chuck E Cheese...Or Maverick.

I worked at a Chuck E Cheese when I was young(er) and let me tell you something. The real victims were us! I had to dance around in that stupid suit for some joyless, terrified, anonymous kid who's only reaction was multiple swift kicks in the jewels. And it didnt always matter if they were terrified or not...that suit was a magnet for antiprocreation.

Though I did stop some weird Japanese guy from perverting around. He was taking pictures of the kids and that's when I jumped into action. The police were called and his (hard to understand) excuse was "It for project at home".

SO chalk one up for Adam. :D

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Several years ago I was interviewing for a pharma sales job. Having been through the process a couple of times it generally consisted being invited to a hotel cattle call and you'd meet with three sales managers for the interview in various interview rooms. There was the "buddy" that would hype the company, the "neutral" that would act like you were what they were looking for but that it's a really hard job, and the "nasty" one that would tear you to shreds to emulate a difficult doctor. Since I'd worked in amusement and theme parks in both a sales and management role the "nasty" manager would always go berzerk on park stuff on my resume. I remember hearing this once:

"Oh you worked at the amusement park, does management mean you were the commander of the Tilt-a-whirl or were you in charge of the cleaning up the vomit?"

Those activities are not mutually exclusive. Duh. ;)

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Ensign Smith said:Amusement parks used to have quite the reputation as being the hangouts of ne'er-do-wells, scoundrels and floozies!

Hehehe, jeez Ensign, this sounds like a sentence from back in '62. The only description missing is 'nogoodnicks' :-)

When my husband and I first dated, he had equally slamming reactions to amusement parks. We've worked on it slowly over the years. When he was 6, he had a pretty unfortunate introduction to amusement parks via Six Flags over Texas (outside of Dallas). I'm not talking about criminal activity or anythign ont hat level. However, it left a deep mark on him and he admits it's a totally irrational fear of it all. It's a big achievement for him to come as far as he has.

For example, his Mom put him on a big wooden coaster (Texas Giant?) with an adult male he did not know. First coaster in his life. Totally wrong thing to do. Among other factors.

This guy could be something similar. Maybe he had a really bad amusement park experience in his childhood. Could be pretty sad, and very unfortunate he's shaping his kids in his image like that.

J. said:
Elitch Gardens isn't as cool as it used to be since I don't work there anymore.

Ah hell.......Elitch gardens isn't as cool as it used to be since the original location was closed.

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