Thorpe park to get S&S Sky Swat

Friday, July 30, 2004 1:33 AM
The good news coming from England is that Thorpe park are adding a Sky Swat to their already very impressive flat ride collection. This will add to the mondial topscan, KMG afterburner, enterprise, magic carpet, big wheel, and fabrii drop tower.

The ride will be placed behind Collosus but not in Lost city. So probably in Calgary Creek.

This is very good news, as the park has not been doing as well as expected this year, and the public did not seem too happy to just get a second hand ride from Chessington as their 'new thrill'.

Their have also been reports that Charterhouse (who own Tussauds) have not been happy with the company, but as it seems they are still happy to invest, that bodes well for the future.

In the report lodged with Runnymede council, they also state that this is the continuation of their Mid term development project, which also states that in 2006 they will be building a rocket coaster. This had been in doubted in some circles to go ahead, but finger crossed this will mean the coaster is back on track.

All in all a good day for English thrill seekers, now all we need is for Alton Towers to tell us what they are up to. Something huge i think, they are just keeping us waiting!!


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