Thorpe Park offers Halloween add-ons, including in-hotel-room scares

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Horror fans can put their bravery to the test at Thorpe Park this October by checking in for the Fright Nights challenge. Locked in the park, guests will be bagged and blindfolded, chased by a sacrificial cannibal cult who feast upon human flesh, and taken on a horrifying backstage tour of the Thorpe Park Movie Studios and horror mazes.

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This is the coolest thing I've ever heard of. Plus the price is pretty darn good for all you get. Even with add-ons, that's a whole lot of fun for about 300 bucks.

I'd probably pee myself though.

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Guests will be bagged?

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Some people are into that....

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I know this could never happen, but if I had Richard Branson money I'd do a Halloween overnight at Alton Towers and no one would leave without wetting themselves. That place has some SERIOUS spooky going on even during daylight hours.

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