Thorpe Park, London (Staines) UK

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Finally got to visit Thorpe Park this year. I’ve previously visited Blackpool in 02 (probably worth another visit) and Alton Towers in 04. Was glad I waited as they added 2 new rides this year and has several rides that are very unique. Arrived around 10:30 or 11 after a long 3 hour journey by bus, train and another bus. YUCK. Rode the 2 steelies first. Colossus is a seated ride, but has some good upside down action. Nemesis Inferno is a hangy-downy and also has some good flips and also a few underpasses with mist. Samarai looks like a big fan and you’re strapped to the blades. VERY cool. The Slammer is new and is kind of hard to describe. Best thing is to go to the site and look at the pics. But, it has 2 flat planes which seat about 24 separated by a long pole. Then it rotates end over end. Very unique. Have never seen anything like this one. Vortex was our favourite as it gave great air. You seat in a circle facing each other, rotate, and swing back and forth. However, it goes higher than 90 degrees on each side which is cool. You see the ground when your on the top facing down instead of the person opposite you. We rode X-no way out which simply runs backwards in the dark. OK, next. The Detonator was fun too. It’s basically a drop, but it drops fast. Rush is new too, but it’s basically just a big swing. Not bad though. So we spent about 2.5 hours there and really didn’t wait long for anything. They have single rider lines (you enter through the exit) so you basically walk right on without waiting. My mate and I just rode separately. We didn’t care as it saved us hours. We also didn’t care too much about getting a front or back row as none of the rides are huge (or better than those at SFGA or CP which are well worth the waits). We saved 8 pounds ($14.50) by purchasing advance tickets on line and the toal cost was 22 pounds (( about $40.). Not bad. Good day, little waiting, and decent, and some outstandingly unique, rides. A good day was had. I recommend a visit.


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