Thorpe Park 8/4/03

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This was my first visit to my new home park, expecting a fairly average day (i.e a great day).

at about midday i got my season pass and with my mate we entered the park. As most schools were still going, their holidays not starting, there weren't too many people, however there still was a nice crowd.

As over the past few days, Thorpe park has had many incidents, including inferno breaking down frequently, zodiac still down, Quantum unoppened, and collosus still on 1 train operation, we decided to head to the nearest reliable ride; Vortex. I really love this Huss ride, it gives so much speed and airtime. It is my second favourite flat ride.

After this we decided to head over to the new coaster, Nemesis: Inferno

Nemesis Inferno 9/10

There is not much i can say this ride needs to improve on, the supposedly lack of ride time is made up by the first drop into the volcano. The ride is very smooth, intense, and gives some great G's. We rode front seat first, which is i feel the best seat in this small train. By the end of the day we had rode it 6 times, it had never let up once.

Throughout the day we also hit many of the other flat rides. Detonator, which only drops you from C. 100 feet, is really impulsing, as it doesn't really drop you, but launches you.

Tidal Wave is also great, we went on it once, that was enough coz it was so darn wet!

Quantum, the new magic carpet, oppened in the afternoon. We had just ate some donouts, and we felt one ride was enough... infact maybe too much lol.

We also went on Thorpes other coasters during the day

Collosus 8/10

This coaster is usually stereotyped by enthusiasts as a world record breaker, nothing more. Well, it was the 10 loops plus the air time filled second drop which did it for me! The first loop was intense, followed by an airtime filled headchopping drop and great cobra roll! The corkscrews as well were intense, the G's were really felt in them, and the 4 consequetive barrel rolls are awesome, making you dizzy and dizzy, i didn't realise how slow the coaster went through them! The very last barrel roll is also very close to the ground!

X:/ No way out

This was the really only dissapointment of the day, however i still enjoyed it as it was unique, especially with roll backs on the small lifts.

The last coaster we ventured on was Flying Fish. This had a wierd theme sound, and overall this ride was just another powered coaster, not nearly as good as the mine train up in alton towers. so i gave it a 4/10

anyways, a great day, getting soaked, and i'll b bak there on the 23rd of June!

UK, home to the King of Inverts, Nemesis, and her only child, Inferno
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