Thorpe Park 2007 season - the longest yet!

Monday, December 11, 2006 11:01 AM
So, Thorpe Park's operating hours for 2007 are in, and they're open as normal from mid-march to late early november (also as normal, typically weekends and events only oct/nov), but they're also open for a week in February (to account for school break here in the UK) and for the two weeks over christmas, interestingly from midday to 9pm.

Gives me a damn good excuse to get away from the family thing after christmas next year, but also it seems as if Thorpe may be heading for Disney-esque year-round opening.

With a hotel planned for a couple of years and developments steaming ahead exactly as laid out in their medium term development plan (planning restrictions are so tight where they are, so they submitted their dev. plan to the council for provisional approval, also meaning all of the GP can see it), they're looking to become one of the UK's top destinations, and eventually a fully-blown resort, following Alton Towers' lead....

Just thought i'd vent some ponderings with y'all....



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