This isn't Blue Streak, what is it?

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This picture was scanned from the 1964 Cedar Point Brochure. I'm fairly certain it is not Blue Streak, but some other coaster that they superimposed the name onto. Does anyone have any ideas as to what coaster this might be?

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It sorta looks like Big Dipper at Geauga Lake. right type of Rolling stock, and track looks about right.

That's not Blue Streak?
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No. First of all, since this is the 1964 Brochure, the ride likely wasn't built yet. Second, there are no right turns on Blue Streak. (there was one before the entrance was moved, but it was at the break run and in a tunnel) Third, the only way it could be Blue Streak would be if the picture was reversed, but that wouldn't explain the house in the backround and why the turn is so banked. *** Edited 2/18/2007 10:43:48 PM UTC by Jason Hammond***

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That isn't Big Dipper, there wasn't any land developed behind it back in the 60's from what I understand.
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This is the oldest map of GL that I'm aware of.

But I don't thint there were banked turns like that on Big Dipper either.

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The track, house in the background (and name) made me think of Conneaut's Blue Streak, but the trains are a mystery to me if CLP ever ran PTCs that looked like that....and the house, well...I have NO idea what CLP looked like over 40 years ago...

But maybe it COULD have been misfiled into a CP folder, due to the name? Hey, it's a GUESS... ;)

Blue streak at CLP does have banked turns. *** Edited 2/18/2007 11:40:52 PM UTC by Coasterkid200***

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From my understanding, the structure of Blue Streak has always been a shade of blue. It certainly does not look like CP.

It was not originally painted blue. But, I don't think that pic is Blue Streak nonetheless.

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I really dont know about the technology they had at the time, but everyone is mentioning how the house doesnt fit. Is there anyway they edited the real background and replaced it with the house. Again I dont know if they even had the technology to do this back then, but its an idea.

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Yeah but... why would you edit in somebody's house behind a ride for a brochure? *** Edited 2/19/2007 2:37:48 AM UTC by P18***
That turn looks a lot like the one near the station on Skyliner at Lakemont Park, which was relocated from Roseland Park. Skyliner opened in 1960 at Roseland, and the CP pic is from 1964, so it is very possible.

I know Skyliner very well. It looks exactly like the Skyliner to me. This view of the ride can be seen as you exit the ride, behind the station. *** Edited 2/19/2007 2:32:39 AM UTC by dexter***

^Agreed, I looked it up and it even has the same trains, as well as the cables that are in place on the inside of the turn (had to search around some sites to find pictures to see if Skyliner had those. There are also houses in view of Lakemont.
just shows the train and you can see the inner-turn cables as well. *** Edited 2/19/2007 2:43:43 AM UTC by P18***

That certainly is not the CP Blue Streak, and doesn't appear to be the CLP Blue Streak either. CLP Blue Streak ran NAD trains or the origionals. And, searching for "Blue Streak" on RCDB doesn't turn up direct matches either. However, the house in the background at least in some fashion resembles what I remember of the Casino at Lake Compounce. Could the Wildcat been known by the name Blue Streak at one time?
That "Blue Streak" was superimposed on that image, you can tell if you look closely.
Is it possible that the house in the photo was in view if it was in fact the Skyliner at Rosepark between 1960 and 1964?

And I agree, "Blue Streak" looks superimposed in the pic.

pkidelirium said:
That "Blue Streak" was superimposed on that image, you can tell if you look closely.

I agree. I thought the coloring looked a little odd. Clearly a fake. Zoom in and look closely, you will see. *** Edited 2/19/2007 3:32:51 AM UTC by xtreme2134***

I do not believe Skyliner would have had a house like that in the background. It had Canadaigua lake on one side, and some commercial development across the street. I won't say it's 100% though, as I rode it in the mid-late 70s, but the turn of the coaster and the ability to have land in the background would have made the location the first turn, and it's too low to the ground for Skyliner.

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<My post copied from Pointbuzz>

Not sure why I didn't think to look earlier, but I just got the new book, "Herbert Schmeck: The Forgotten Legacy." It's the second book in the designer series by ACE. Anyway, the Wild One with was originaly Giant Coaster at Paragon Park was designed by Herbery Schmeck. You see a very similar picture in this scan. And even though they used 4 car trains on Wild One, they only used 3 car trains on Giant Coaster. Also, if you notice the paint job on the side, all you need to do is change the red on top and you have the same blue white blue on the picture from the 64 brochure.

And in another picture, I can't scan without ruining the binding of the book, you can see there are some houses that would be visibal from the angle of the picture in the 64 brochure.

The biggest difference I see still is the lighting. There are bulb lights draped from the structure in the 64 Brochure pic and in the Giant Coaster Pic there is more a lamp post type light. I would say something like is a minor difference, seeing as how it opened in 1917 and was at the park until 1985, it likely went through a couple different lighting changes as technology developed.

In addition to the Giant Coaster, DBCP also suggested that it might be the Yankee Cannonball.

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