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My brother and I are newer coaster enthusiast. We went to Dollywood over Christmas time. My brother is 310 pounds (all stomach) and was able to ride the Tennessee Tornado, and barely got on Thunderhead. If he would of ate probably one hotdog before.....he would of had to take the "walk of shame". My question is? We are thinking about a trip to Kings Island around the 4th of July. We are targeting on the thrill rides like the BEAST and DIAMOND BACK. Are the rides tight for weight issues like Cedar Point? We went there last Summer and could only ride Maverick, Blue Steak , Mean Steak, Gemini and Magnum. Our goal is to ride the BEAST as he loves wood coasters for their "rough ride" more than airtime. I could tell him to lose some weight but you know how that goes...LOL! Any advice would be appreciated.

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talon1189 said:

My brother is 310 pounds (all stomach)

Blue Steak , Mean Steak

Too easy.

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Lay off the steaks, and he should be fine. Also, esspecially avoid steaks from blue cows or mean cows.

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Kinda sad that I posted my question here in the off season and only got 2 responses to my question. Do we have other over weight members here that want to know the same question that I originally asked??

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The real answer is that everyone's body is different, and even if one 310 pound guy can ride something doesn't mean that every 310 pound guy can ride it too. Wide shoulders cause trouble, and tallness causes some trouble sometimes.

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Yeah, I don't think there's a definitive answer. Basically if you're one hot dog away from doing the walk of shame, you're going to have issues everywhere you go. Visit with the expectation that you won't be able to ride and be pleasantly surprised when you can.

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Let me add something, frank-like. I suspect that the reason no one replied isn't that no one likes you or that no one cares about your question. I kindly think it may be because we are just tired of this question. No offense is intended here. This question comes up a lot around here. People who post here are probably just bored with this specific question. It's not personal.

I tried to answer as best as I could, not having contributed much to the topic when it was discussed before. I wish you well, and good luck.

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LostKause said:

This question comes up a lot around here. People who post here are probably just bored with this specific question. It's not personal.

That. A lot of that. Literally a hundred times if once.

In general, wooden coasters are more forgiving of weight. PTCs, moreso in non-front rows of cars, worse with seat dividers. Those with broad shoulders or large upper bodies have trouble with OTSRs - save for the B&M "big boy" seats (often on rows 3 or 4 & 6). Intamins are generally unforgiving.

And why don't I have this in a Word Document so I can copy/paste?

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Is it just me, or does it seem like it's KI more than it's anywhere else regarding this question. Seriously, even Cedar Point seems like it comes up less often these days.

To the main point at hand, what bothers me is that this question is asked as often as it is and that it's not uncommon to see the walk of shame. I'm bummed that we as a culture let it get to this. I saw it on El Toro and Nitro this past weekend. On El Toro, it seemed like it was an issue on nearly every train. I also think it was Bizarro where there was a row switch. El Toro was the worst, though, because the poor crew took twice as long to dispatch each train because there was always someone with this issue. However, Nitro and Bizarro are pretty darn accommodating, so to see this happen more often is disconcerting.

I get that it isn't controllable for some people and as someone who would like to lose a few pounds myself, I totally get that it isn't easy to do when it is controllable. However, I'm around 220 lbs. and I'm 6'2". I can practically guarantee you that any noticeable weight gain on my part and I'd go all-out dieting and all that. I'm on the verge of it already because I'm tired of getting worn out as quickly as I do and I'm tired of knowing that any abs I might have are hidden behind a wall of pancake-induced gut.

I know that roller coasters aren't perhaps the best incentive to get healthy, but honestly, they're another entry on a long list of things you can't properly enjoy when you allow yourself to get hopelessly out of shape, and why do that to yourself?

Honestly, I don't like that the gym is so exhausting, what with bench-pressing 747-400s and setting a StairMaster to 57 miles per hour, but if that's what it takes to stay healthy and really, really ridiculously good-looking, I'm all for it. I'll get more out of life, and the ladies can enjoy the view.

Edited to add that my username has nothing to do with a love of steak, but rather a nickname spawned from a mispronunciation of my last name. The irony is noted, though.

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It took me years to realize it was sirloin and not sirlion.

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I voted that up on my way to Cedar Point

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There's a cookie for you waiting at Midway Market.

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I voted that one up on my way back from Cedar Point. lol

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