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Hey! The couple at the bottom of that article sure looks familiar...

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They are pretty sexy.

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Is that the guy that got stuck on Superman's lift?

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And on Expedition Everest the very day that photo was taken!

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Great feature! You deserve a high five!


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"The popularity of "Angry Birds" and other games on smartphones has turned virtually everyone into a "Gamer.""

...No in the same way that not everyone who rode their first roller coaster is a coaster enthusiast. Watching The Hunger Games does not make you instantly into the series or a die-hard fan. This whole article is just an attempt redefining the definition of what a geek is. Do people really want to be socially awkward and obsessed with abstract topics? This article infers that Marvel's The Avengers is a geek/nerd movie, I was not able to watch this movie without cringing at the continuity errors the whole time (Shield resists absorbs all vibration but makes sound, aircraft carrier that requires the thrust of 27 Saturn V rockets)

TL;DR, If you are asking yourself if you are a geek, you are probably not.

If its not broken, don't touch it.

That's a nice Q&A they put on the article that was relatively inaccurate as a whole. I wouldn't consider any "gamer" a "geek" anymore with the (surreal) popularity of things like Call of Duty and the entire Madden NFL franchise. The term geek is supposed to refer to something that is not mainstream or popular. I think the obsessive, credit-counting, fact-knowing park or coaster enthusiast still qualifies as "geek" as the general populace only knows that the rides are scary or fun. Not necessarily that Flight of Fear and Poltergeist are the same ride in different settings. Or that "Six Flags" is a brand and not a specific place. Things like Star Wars, Star Trek, and Lord of the Rings do have their geek enthusiast following, but someone in the general population that simply likes those things would not be considered a geek by the same standards. Perhaps there should be a recognized place for sports "geeks" that know entire rosters and stats by heart, but that seems to still carry less geek-stigma than something like Star Trek.

And I can't believe someone is criticizing continuity and physical realism in a movie about super heroes fighting aliens. It was a good movie. Liking Marvel's The Avengers does not make you a geek, whereas owning hundreds of comic books and action figures, and knowing introduction dates and appearances for characters in The Avengers would probably give you the geek title.

Heck, there is probably a subculture of movie fans that, like critics, enjoys finding every possible error in films. There is even a website ( dedicated to finding every error in every film. IMDB is one thing, but some of the people on that site are a little more extreme.

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I think a significant threshold for coaster fans is whether you can remain silent when a stranger in line says something obviously false about the ride or park. If you can't resist the urge to jump in with a Comic Book Guy-esque correction, you've crossed that line and likely aren't coming back.

Parallel lines on a slow decline.

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My problem with that is that I don't really remember enough to be able to correct half the goofy things I hear in line with any real knowledge. If I spoke up to correct a stranger in line, after the first half of my first sentence to them, I would be them the rest of the time.

Seriously though, who does that? lol

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Can't say I've corrected (m)any strangers in line, but I have quietly mentioned errors to whomever is with me in line. I think the most irritating thing I need to bite my tongue about is people saying some ride is "broken" if they stop it for some reason.

I do correct people quite often at work about movies... I really need to stop doing that.

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This one time, I whipped out my ACE card...

13 Boomerang, 9 SLC, and 8 B-TR clones

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LostKause said:

My problem with that is that I don't really remember enough to be able to correct half the goofy things I hear in line with any real knowledge.

That's not a problem.

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"Werst. Coaster. Ever."

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