There's More Than Corn in Indiana

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I entered the "Great Indiana Getaway Giveaway" and although I didn't win Indiana Beach was nice enough to send me 4 free passes for participating. This past weekend my friends and I decided to use them. We drove the 3 1/2 hours from school at Toledo on saturday after all the rain storms had passed. We stayed at the Indiana Beach campground. I was impressed. The original campsite they gave us was bad but they were nice and gave us a new spot that was MUCH better.

The next day we went to the park. It was a lot of fun. We got on all the roller coasters. Longest line was maybe 10 minutes. The Double Shot's second shot of airtime really surprised me, it was awesome.

My only real complaint was that I think the pools at the bottom of the slides are too short: I came flying out of one of the tubes and ran directly into the metal exit stairs which cut and bruised my foot. Not fun limping around the rest of the day but other than that it was a great time.

Here's a video of the park:

Glad you had fun! I know it's not fun limping. I have had achilles tendonitis for the past 3 weeks and it just isn't getting any better.
cool TR and nice vid as well, the end made me chuckle lol, thats kinda what I hear in my mind every time I see that crow hahaha.
I'd also like to add that I found the food prices to be very reasonable/affordable and good quality, especially compared to some of the other larger parks. I know lately that has been a hot topic of discussion on this site.

I was disappointed to see that they had shortened the antique auto track since my last visit, although it is still one of the better ones out there, being completely over water and interacting with the lost coaster.

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Did you ride the Falling Star? What did you think about the program it runs?

Wooden Coaster Capitol of the World

Two OUTSTANDING Parks (Indiana Beach and Holiday World.)

Six OUTSTANDING Wooden Coasters!

Hoosier Hurricane

Cornball Express

Lost Coaster of Superstitution Mountian

The Raven

The Legend


It doesn't get better than this!

Answer my Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

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I'm glad you noted Double Shot's second blast of is really insane! It may be hundreds of feet shorter than Power Tower at Cedar Point, but it's much more intense and that's what I like about it. Dare I say size doesn't matter? lol.

It's a nice little park. I think they just need to spend a little money soon on aesthetically pleasing the eye with some upgrades to buildings and better landscaping.

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I never knew that my home state (Indiana) actually was known for its woodies, but it sure deserves to be (even though I've never been to Indiana Beach, I still have a feeling that its coasters are really neat).

P. S. It should be a general fact of knowledge that there's more than corn in my state with the Indianapolis 500 business. *** Edited 9/2/2007 6:06:37 PM UTC by Lady Legend***

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Yes, there is more than corn and Indiana Beach in Indiana - HOliday World of course! Pokagon state park is pretty cool too, especially in winter when you can ride the tobaggan.

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