Theme parks reduce mask requirements on CDC guidance

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Disney World and other U.S. amusement parks updated their mask policy following the latest guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this week. Masks have been made optional in outdoor areas and pool decks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, effective May 15, but are still needed for entering rides and at indoor locations, according to the guidelines posted on its website.

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Yuck. Indoor crowded queues with guests lying about their vaccination status. I hope things are better in DL and glad the baselines of vaccination rate and case count are more favorable. Curious if that translates to Disney crowd because of some bias or out of state guests.

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Regardless of vaccination status the CDC recommends that you mask half your face when living secretly in the opera house.

ApolloAndy said:

Yuck. Indoor crowded queues with guests lying about their vaccination status.

Not shocking in the least. I have a hard time believing that Disney guests are some special collection of humans that would be honest about their status. It would be interesting to know for sure, though.

It's not quite the same, obviously, but it's interesting here in Cleveland just at two grocery stores this past week to see the difference depending on the neighborhood. At the store in a more suburban, middle class neighborhood, you'd think the pandemic was completely over and be hard pressed to find anyone wearing a mask. Walking around this super-Meijer the other day filled with hundreds of people, I saw probably less than 5-10% of those wearing masks (usually apart of the same family/group).

Yet when at a similar store located more inner-city, you absolutely still know we are in a pandemic. Most people are still wearing masks, surprisingly. It's interesting to say the least. I'd almost assume the opposite behavior, but then again, your comparing the uppity "don't tell me what to do" crowd versus those probably genuinely concerned about what is going on (even if a bulk of that group may not want to get vaccinated). Who knows.

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