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I agree with Jeffrey. While I started subscribing before the internet (I've subscribed to ACE for 20 years, the ECC for 10, and "The E-Ticket" for 5), I find them just as valid and informative in the internet age. The quality of writing and specific information is often better then what I can find online and they often contain things I can't find online. Just like [insert porn mag name here], I read for the articles, but I secretly love the pictures as well ;) *** Edited 2/15/2007 7:42:59 PM UTC by Peabody***

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Maybe I'm with Gonch. I subscribed to ECC at one point, but after awhile, I stopped getting value out of it. Granted, that was more a picture rag than anything else, and that is well-covered on the Net.

As for writing and what's topical, I've worked for magazines, and generally you invent stuff. Look at Time, they made "Person of The Year" me (and you, and everyone else). Good writing isn't cheap to produce, unfortunately, which is why I got out of that business here a long time ago.

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Magazines usually have fewer grammatical errors. ;)

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rollergator said:
^ There's an easy way to you currently have a hand-stamp or a wristband? If not....

How about a work release ankle bracelet and a tattoo? Not the same is it? ;)

I don't necessarily tend to read about coasters other than the basic news blurbs all the sites give and I prefer the interactive discussion to the passive reading.

I've never gotten a park magazine, trade rag, publication or pamphlet. I have exactly 3 roller coaster/amusement park books - two were given to me as gifts and the third I only purchased because a few of my pics are in it.

Then even if I were interested enough to want to have a publication of some kind in my hands, wouldn't the turnaround time on such things makes any timely info included outdated by the time I got it?

I see what you're saying JS, but I'm just not interested in the 100th anniversary of the steel coaster - I didn't see it covered anywhere online. But then again, I wasn't looking for it. As far as the overseas coasters, I can barely keep track of the US rides and parks. I'm a bit away from absorbing such info.

I'm sure I'm an exception - I always am.



I'm so lonely. Sigh. :( ;)

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Jeffrey Seifert said:
I think you already answered the question. People like to have something in their hands.

I get a ton of value with the $20 I spend for CB Club for the events. But if you want something in your hands you get a card. That's the ultimate part of the value when I can have my membership card in my back pocket and whip it out to bust other people when they talk about Millennium Force's green train, Magnum sinking, or the girl getting her hair caught on Power Tower.

Bad Boys! Bad Boys! Whatcha gonna do? ;)

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PS - If I knew how to do a Google search on the CB topic I'm making fun of, I would post it right here. *** Edited 2/15/2007 8:39:54 PM UTC by HeyIsntThatRob?***

I've taken a look at my friend's ACE magazine, and I think it's done pretty well, but I can't say that I'd want to subscribe. The last issue I saw was mostly about the Japaneese parks trip. I'm not saying that the article and pictures weren't interesting, but it's kind of like reading about a Ferrari in The Robb Report (a magazine for rich people). It all feels so distant to me financially.
Hey everyone,

Sorry to get off topic of this magazine, but I subscribed to Amusement Today and when I was done subscribing it didn't do anything. All it said was thank you for subscribing. I didn't get no type of receipt or email. It didn't even tell me when I should expect my first issue. The only thing I'm worried about is I put my card number on it. Can anyone who has this publication or knows any info tell me whats up? Thanks.

How long ago did you subscribe? If you have any questions I would suggest you contact someone at AT. I also know that someone from AT does peruse this website so perhaps he will find your message. If not your best bet is to contact them.

It's been close to 3 weeks now. Thanks a lot for the info.
Ausement Today is pretty reliable. I have never subscribed to it online though. I go old school and mail it in. I got an issue about 2 weeks ago. So you might start with next month's issue. It is pretty business oriented though . Some of the club magazines/newsletters might be more fun to read.

Theme park is starting to remind me of the old Inside Track magazine. Anyone remember how unrelianble that was in the end?

Back to Theme Park, I bought a year subscription and only got the last 2 issues listed above. I think a year subscription is for 4 issues. That was over a year ago so I wonder if they will honor the subscription.

What sucks more is I live 5 minutes from Carowinds and sure didn't need a magazine devoted to it.

Ok well that's good to here! lol Well what are some examples of some good club magazines/newsletters?

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