Theme Park Rides possible for 533 acre DC resort?

Friday, October 31, 2003 11:21 AM
Possible, but not at this time. National harbor a developement just outside the
beltway in MD south of Wilson Bridge.

the prince georges county park and planning commission says

29. Outdoor thrill rides or roller coasters commonly found at theme or
amusement parks will not be part of any entertainment venue, theme park or
amusement park developed by National Harbor unless the specific outdoor thrill
ride or roller coaster is allowed pursuant to approval of a Detailed Site Plan.

an 850 room hotel and resort ala Opryland Hotel is slated for the spot.

never met a coaster I didn't ride (except Junior Geminii) :(

Friday, October 31, 2003 1:02 PM
Sounds good to me if they can get approval for such rides (we all know how tough PG county can be with those things by now don't we?) & if approval is granted then it will provide the residents of the DC area with yet another entertainment/recreational option during the summer months.

This also could potentially mean good things for SFA's future as well,with added competition in the region it can serve as an incentive for SFI to really invest some big money into new attractions at a more frequent pace.

Friday, October 31, 2003 1:14 PM
1) The Opryland Hotel they are building at National Harbor will not present a challenge to SFA.

2) The Opryland Hotel, next to the ICC, has to be one of the longest delayed projects ever in the Washington area.

3) This was added to protect the area from becoming a amusement park and to give the country control as to what is developed on the property.

For more information, visit:

Friday, October 31, 2003 7:16 PM
Well, considering that National Harbor will only be 16.30 miles from SFA, there could be some effects noticed. For starters, I had heard rants and rumors of SFA at one time becoming more of a resort destination and building a hotel and possible "City Walk" type addition on their expanses of land (though it seems doubtfull that SFI could ever get the money to afford an addition like that). Of course this is exactly what National Harbor will be, and at such a close distance to SFA, it may prevent them from ever trying such an ambitious project. Or at least, if they did, National Harbor would provide some stiff, nearby compitition.

Hopefully, this isn't the end of new, high quality, tourist attractions in the PG County Area. It seems with as many people that come to the DC area, attractions would be much more plentiful. I guess investors are finally seeing the benifit of building in the Baltimore/Washington Area. Take the Arrundal Mills Mall for instance. It was built just a few years ago and already high quality resturants and shops have sprung up all around the mall. SFA has seen constant increases in attendance as well, even in years where a major attraction isn't added (2002 saw a 9% increase (if I'm not mistakin) for simply converting the trains on JJ and adding a new show package).

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

Saturday, November 1, 2003 6:41 AM
the only thin keeping thm from adding a coaster is a sound study, and an approved proposal, actually the theme park ride I suspect the most is a boat ride similar to opryland hotels......

never met a coaster I didn't ride (except Junior Geminii) :(

Saturday, November 1, 2003 8:01 AM
It sounds like a statement made to squash rumours or to appease some group. The exact same statement would be true for any development permit in PG county inculding SFA which has to get these approvals. Of course SFA's exisiting plan does include several future rides.

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