Theme park revenue up 10% for Comcast in 2017

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NBCUniversal theme park revenue generated $5.4 billion in revenue in 2017, a 10 percent increase from year-over-year, Comcast announced Wednesday in its earnings report. The company credited the increased revenue to 2017 openings of Minion Park in Japan and Orlando’s Volcano Bay as well as The Wizarding World of Harry Potter that opened in 2016 in Hollywood.

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I'm not sure how to parse these numbers. While the change in waterpark definitely changes the Revenue profile for "Comcast's orlando water park component", it's not 100% incremental, I'm assuming that the true "net" increase is the difference between VB and what Wet N' Wild had in 2016. That actually may be not as large a number as you might think, (whole year WnW versus partial year, ramp up for VB, but who knows). The big thing is 10% revenue increase is HUGE in this industry. Almost unheard of except for major addition years, or plateau years when opening a new gate. Don't forget that this is on top of the monstrous year over year increases they've had since the introduction of the first Wizarding World addition in Orlando. Summary, they have done a fantastic job at raising the top line numbers. It's actually staggering to me what they've accomplished, and even more appealing to me, is the quality attractions they've built to do it.

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I'm sure Volcano Bay makes the on-site hotels more compelling, and they sure built a lot of new rooms there.

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