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From the feature:

Established in 1843, Tivoli is one of the world’s oldest and prettiest amusement parks, a fairylit jumble of pagodas, village-style lanes and Arabian palaces. Its richly hued aesthetic evokes the candy colours of St Petersburg’s churches, and what’s more, it’s slap bang in central Copenhagen - you can combine a theme park trip with a city break without swapping hotels.

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Tivoli has long been a bucket list park for me.
The author of the piece touched on something that rang a bell with me. In several (many?) posts I've extolled the virtues of several European parks over most American parks, and my comments center around thrilling rides combined with what I term "exquisite themeing". She uses the word "style" instead, and that's exactly it. In Europe, parks seem to spare no thought in regard to simple things like fixtures, architecture, and even pathways, walls, fences and furniture. Artists, not just designers and manufacturers, play a key role in what the audience sees and experiences.

A traditional ride park like Tivoli, full of beauty and landscaping as well as a mixture of fanciful buildings loaded with lights and gewgaws, is exactly what I groove on. The fact that it remains to this day as part of the mid-town urban environment is also particularly appealing to me. We certainly don't find that here anymore.
In the US, Kennywood is a place that comes close to the sort of atmosphere I look for, as long as I'm willing to overlook the occasional chain link fence. Denver's Lakeside is somewhat the same in a funky sort of way, although it's a little more accidental, mainly (and thankfully) due to lack of modern updates. I'm sure there are other examples, but even these don't compare to the upkeep and attention found in some of the finer European parks.

So thanks for the link. I can't wait to get there someday.

Tivoli is a very special park to visit, especially at night. The first time I went I thought it was just going to be rides, but the park is so much more than that. The lights in the park make it magical and each time I have been the atmosphere has always been friendly and relaxed. The rides there are an eclectic mix of old and new - The old Rutshebanen is a classic, and the star flyer gives an incredible view over the city. Copenhagen is so worth a visit anyway but Tivoli is unmissable.

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