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I was wondering if anyone knows if Park merchandise can be purchased online for any theme parks? I was at Cedar Point last year and finances were tight and I couldn't buy a T-shirt when I was there. I have looked and have been unsuccessful in trying to find any online? What do parks do with the remaining merchandise from a previous season?

Pretty sure it gets put back out unless it has a year on it then it probably ends up in the sidewalk sale for passholder appreciation day or something. Many shirt designs I see multiple seasons.

Thank you for the reply. I was hoping to find it somewhere but I guess I will just have to make sure and take more money with me next time.

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Ebay is probably your best bet, but that depends on the park you are looking to acquire merchandise for. Once upon a time Cedar Point sold merchandise on their website, but that has since gone.

I noticed this too, its hard to find swag everywhere but the park... and you usually have to be ride at the ride's gift shop. I wish at the very least that they would have gift shops at the exit of the park, or would agree to ship them to you at no extra cost. Who wants to lug around retail items all day, or go back deep into the park to get your shirt when you're ready to leave?

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I think I may have to borrow an idea from some Florida people and become a personal shopper for the Ohio parks. The cost of the item, plus shipping - add a small markup to cover fuel and handling expenses, and I think that's fair :-D

I thought a lot of parks did package pickup where you can send your merch to the front gate and pick it up on the way out. I remember Six Flags doing it at one time and Disney offers the ship-to-your room service.

Cedar Point Marketing allowed me to purchase a Christmas ornament last year and they sent it to me via FedEx. Contact them, I'm sure they'll happily help.

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I’m trying hard to think of a major theme park that doesn’t have a merchandise shop (or two or three) at or near the exit. And some actually exit through a gift shop.
Dollywood and SDC still have merchandise pick up. Sea World does, too. Disney will send your stuff to your resort room.

This has been a complaint of mine regarding CP, I had heard recently that it was rumored to return this year. I will be glad. Not everyone has the option of visiting the park on a regular basis or have someone pickup for them. I live 1,000 miles away and have not been to the park since May 2015. I am always seeing things posted online about new merchandise and would like to have. But I feel it's an inconvenience for someone to pick up, pack and ship. It is so much easier just to go online and order. I can understand a smaller place like Camden Park not having online store. But this is Cedar Point we're talking about, a place where they brag about being the best, and they can't even sell merchandise online! Give me a break!

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Their biggest and best rep. probably doesn’t rely that much on the online park merch shopping crowd that heavily. Just sayin’.

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Just seems to me that having a limited amount of merchandise available online isn't that big of an undertaking considering there is money to be made. Cedar Point just announced they will be selling the blocks of Mean Streak wood with the Steel Vengeance plaque attached to them in the park. I've seen a lot of people commenting already on Tony's twitter that they would like to buy one but can't make it to the park and want to know if they can buy one online somehow.

It’s inexcusable not to have an online store. There is virtually little overhead to run one, especially when you include a drop-shipping service

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