Theme Park Enthusiast Wanted-Earn $


We are looking for theme park enthusiasts to write guides for our new website. If you are considered an expert in a particular park we would love to hear from you.

Guide Writers are paid on a very lucrative commission split. Every guide that we sell we pay the writer 60%.

Please send an e-mail to ****** with detailed information about yourself and your park. Guide Writers must be over the age of 18.


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Who are the guides sold to?
To potential visitors of that particular theme park.
You should hook up with the folks from
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Thanks Adam. One more question: is there a way for contributing editors to track when sales?
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He should hook up with getting banned for trying to use somebody else's bandwith to put cash in his own pockets.

What a professional outfit this guy must be running...

Mamoosh: Yes, you can track all sales related to your guides.

Matt: All guides and related material will be hosted on our own servers. If you are referring to posting on this site...what better way to look for great theme park enthusiasts than a theme park enthusiast forum!

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I'm obviously not a moderator and/or admnistrator but a better way to look for great theme park enthusiasts would be on a forum that doesn't explicitly forbid you from promoting your own website when you register on said forum.
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Adam - you can email me via my profile. You've piqued my interest.
I don't see the problem with him posting this, I mean, alot of people seem to know alot about parks and coasters, so why not look for people who would be interested in helping out? He's not saying "here's my site, visit it! It's so cool!", he saw a site of "enthusiasts" and like he said, where else better to ask for help with something like this? This seems like it's suppose to be one of the more better coaster sites or something, and in his post he never even really asked anyone to actually visit his site. *** Edited 8/18/2006 2:26:17 AM UTC by P18***
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No, he's just using someone else's site for the purposes of his own business.

That being said I'm not a moderator or a administrator so I don't want anyone to think that I'm somehow trying to purposefully get the guy banned or anything because it's not my webpage and it's not my money, but I do feel compelled to voice my own opinion on the matter.

Right from the TOS:

"In the forums, spamming can take on another form as the promotion of a personal Website that contradicts the terms of service of Coasterbuzz. Promotion of your personal coaster Website can be done by contributing it to the Coasterbuzz database and posting news items whenever there are updates. Please note that including the URL to your site in your signature is acceptable, provided it is not surrounded by promotional language."

I mean, if you're not allowed to use this site's forum to even promote your own site (outside of your own signature), how would it be appropriate to use this forum to what essentially amounts to recruiting employees for a personal business? *** Edited 8/18/2006 2:34:32 AM UTC by matt.***

I like the idea and would be interested if it wasn't offered up in a spammy way.

PS- The original poster of this thread e-mailed me asking "what do you mean by 'spammy'?"

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Why is this SO hard to understand...

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