Theater spaces in parks

Does anyone know the biggest theater space in theme parks or amusement parks?
I’ve been on a deep dive on the internet and so far think Disney's Hollywood Theater is the biggest with a capacity up to 6700 people.

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6,700 seats is enormous for any theater. That's more than all three of ours combined at our performing arts center.

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You made me curious... Radio City is about 6k, the Microsoft Theater is 7,100. There's nothing that big in Orlando, unless you count outdoor like the Fantasmic amphitheater.

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I can’t for sure fact check it, but according to this Disney blog it’s capable of holding that many.

Typically theater spaces hold between 4,000 - 8,000. They’re usually the smaller space before an arena and then a stadium.

-Timber Wolf Amphitheatre in KI is 10k

-Hersheypark Stadium (I know it’s in the parking lot but it’s named after the park) has 15.6k permanent seats, can add 1.2 k of bleachers and can hold 30k with standing room spots on the field.

-Currently, IOA has a theatre that sits a thousand for its seasonal Grinch show

-world of Color has 4K standing spots at DCA

Thats the only places I can think of that would even be worth mentioning in this list.

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Typically theater spaces hold between 4,000 - 8,000.

That isn't typical at all outside of parks. They're typically well below 4,000. None of the Playhouse Square venues in Cleveland are that big (the State is 3,200). None of the Broadway theaters are more than 2,000. Paramount in Seattle is 2,800. Newer venues like our Walt Disney Theater (naming rights only) where I saw Hamilton last night is 2,700.

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The Walter Knott (fka Charles Schultz) Theater at Knott's seats 2100. It's gotta be one of the bigger indoor theme park venues.

Historically, theaters above about 3000 were somewhat rare. The Cleveland Hippodrome ( was supposedly the second largest in the country when it opened with 3592 seats. Sadly, it is now a parking lot.

CGA's Amphitheater also has a 8,500 seating capacity.....but it won't be around much longer.

Forgot one, Dollywood’s Celebrity Theatre 1,700 guests.

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This summer a friend of mine had a singing gig at the Great Auditorium in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. I was not prepared for the venue, which seats 6,000. It was originally built for 10,000. Ocean Grove was developed as a revival camp in the late 19th century and the auditorium was built for their revival meetings. (It was also built for unamplified sound, and the acoustics were pretty good.)

Thank you all. I found the answer I was looking for.

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